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John Oliver responds after Ron DeSantis calls him 'irrelevant': 'First thing he said I already agreed'

John Oliver finally agrees with Ron DeSantis.

Over a week ago, Oliver almost used up an entire episode of his HBO show last week and tonight criticized Florida’s governor – calling him “Business Fred the Flintstones” and borrowing the nickname “Meatball Lo from Donald Trump” from DeSantis En” finds humor.

After the show aired, Governor Spokesperson Brian Griffin told the Los Angeles Times thinks “John Oliver doesn’t matter.”

“It’s a fair blow. Honestly, it’s Probably the first thing he said I agreed with,” Oliver joked Monday on NBC’s Late Show with Seth Meyers night.

Oliver also noted that he had contacted DeSantis before the episode aired, but never heard back.

“We had pages of questions to ask him and they cast a shadow on us all. So, yes, his response actually had nothing to do with us: he There is no [censored] offering one. Yeah, it’s very irritating,” he said.

One of the questions Oliver and his team posed to DeSantis related to an anecdote Oliver told on the radio that originated with a former classmate DeSantis s. This person has said the future governor would tell his dates he likes Thai food but pronounces it “thigh”. If they corrected him, he would make excuses and leave because “he didn’t want a girlfriend who corrected him,” the classmate said.

, This is real? ’ Oliver told Meyers. ‘If it’s not, deny it because it feels real. You feel so symbolic as a human being. If you’re not doing it, arguably you should be; it will give you a better sense of who you are. “

During his Late Night appearance, Oliver also spoke to British media outlets The Times reacted to a recent headline titled “John Oliver: The British Comedy Fail That Made America Laugh” and spoke about the origins of his HBO show , initially contemplating having one guest per week before deciding to drop the idea.

Watch )Late Night fragment.

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