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“John Wick 5”? Director Chad Stahelski Says “We're Open to It”

Stahelski, DP Dan Laustsen, and editor Nathan Orloff delve into the making of “Chapter 4,” including how they completed the action sequences set against the Arc de Triomphe in Paris and the journey to the Sacre Coeur, In the new episode of SHR’s “Behind the Scenes.”

BTS Podcast John Wick 4

BTS Podcast John Wick 4BTS Podcast John Wick 4

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John Wick: Chapter 4 Director Chad Stahelski Admits He’s Open to a Fifth Assassin Movie Starred by Keanu Reeves’ franchise starring Lionsgate follows Chapter 4 ) debut. In its second weekend in theaters, the film has broken through the worldwide box office 120 One million U.S. dollars.

“They’re very flattered to come back, you know, saying ‘we want more,’ it’s not just a money grab. It’s reasonable that the audience wants more,” he said in New episode of The Hollywood Reporter

The Behind the Scenes podcast series. “I think we all need a little bit of time to go, ‘Whoa. Let’s see what happens next. … If Keanu and I, sitting in a whiskey bar in Japan again in a few months, say, ‘Yeah, we Never do that again,’ and then suddenly say, ‘Yeah, but I have an idea,’ and we’re open to it.”

In the podcast episode, the director joins Twice Oscar nominated cinematographer Dan Laustsen (Whoever Lens Chapter 2

and 3 in the franchise) and editor Nathan Orloff (Ghostbusters: Afterlife) Detailed descriptionJohn Wick 4 , involving filming in Japan, France, Jordan, Germany and New York.

Includes in-depth action sequences such as one set around the Arc de Triomphe in Paris, another in 730 The steps lead to the Sacred Heart Basilica on the top of the hill.

We looked down from the roof and said, ‘Oh, someone’s going down here,'” the director said, adding, “We were literally like , not only is he going to go down from here, we’re going to have John Wick fight his way. We’re going to get him back down and then we’re going to have him do Butch and Sundance with Donnie Yen’s character Kane and get to the top… We’re going to do the music, we’re going to make it like a Western. We’re going to have him fight all the way to the top of the mountain and Make connections so we can see who’s killing each other on top of the mountain. “

Stahelski added that he and Laustsen were under The Exorcist inspired moody atmosphere, “Using as much practical lighting on lampposts as possible, [we] hoisted our cranes up to fill, and tried Work backwards from the atmosphere.

They also talked about the complex camera work involving Steadicam, handhelds, and Spydercam to capture the fall. Stahelski said, “When you see Keanu running up the steps and the camera follows him , that’s a guy with Steadicam on his Running back and forth.

During the talk, Stahelski, who is also a stunt performer, offered his thoughts on the potential for stunts to become an Oscar category. The stunts don’t deserve an Oscar. I don’t think this is the problem. I just don’t think we’ve ever talked,” he said. “I’m in this business Years, I’ve never seen a stuntman who sat with a member of the Academy, nor an Academy member who has sat with a stunt rep. This might be the first question .Nobody really talked about it.”

He added, “I think the real question is sitting down and asking the Academy, how do you [organize an award].”

You can listen to the full Behind the Screen interview here:

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