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Join the paid holographic costume among us for a limited time

You see your favorite holographic virtual YouTubers in Betrayal Among Us – Now you can play as one of them with the new costume pack added to the game on Tuesday. The following cosmetics are available for purchase until December :

  • Ayunda Risu Costume
  • Ayunda Risu hat
  • Gawr Gura costume
  • Gawr Gura Hat
  • Houshou Marine Hat
  • Atsute Marine Hat
  • Inu God Kone Costume
  • Inu God Kone Hat
  • Moona Hoshinova Costume

  • Moona Hosinova hat
  • Nakamakaoka soup
  • Cat Maamaoka soup hat

      Ogami Mio costume

    • Ogami Mio Hat
    • Shirakami Fubuki Suit
    • Shirakami Fubuki Cap
    • Usada Pekora hat

    • Usada Pekora costume
    • Watson Amelia Set
    • Watson Amelia Hat
    • No Thoughts Visor

    Sweeping Visor

  • Smug Halo Visor
  • what. Visor
  • Humph! VisorTeehee! Visor

  • Now Boring Visor
  • Nudge-Nudge Goggles Marine’s Eyepatch Goggles

  • Haha what’s the problem? Visor
  • 190022 2021 Cosmetic Kit Cost 16 stars, available for $9. 99. InnerSloth’s multiplayer space-themed werewolf game debuted at Published on Android and iOS , but on 2020 caused an internet sensation. Japanese-compatible

    Nintendo Switch version released in December , 600. H2 Interactive released the game for Among Us: Crewmate Edition

      in Japan for

    • only Packaged VersionPlayStation

    4, PlayStation 5, And Nintendo December switch 16, 190022. Source: InnerSloth’s website




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