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JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Manga Part 9 'The JOJOLands' Teases Images, Story

Shueisha ‘s February issue of this year Magazine published

Hirohiko Araki pictures and story preview on Thursday The JOJOLands, the first in his upcoming comic series Nine parts. The magazine joked that the story was about a boy who became very rich on a subtropical island. Manga will be launched in magazine March 2022 February issue .

Nobuyoshi Araki ( Part 8) Manga, the eighth part of the series, will end in August 2020. It debuted on May2012. Comic 27 Shipping in September 2019.

Nobuyoshi Araki Manga debut exist1987. Manga moved from 193106 to . The manga currently consists of eight parts, each of which follows a character whose name can be shortened to JoJo. The first part is also called Phantom Blood, and the eighth part is titled

. Each section has recurring characters and interrelated storylines. Anime adaptation of Araki Yui’s manga debuts on Netflix December episode 2019. The series also began broadcasting on Japanese television in January across is also on Japanese television.

The second part consists of episodes 12- premiered on September 1. The series begins at Tokyo MX

on October 7th at 27: 27 JST (effective October 8), and then released on other networks.

Netflix streamed the last part, including the episode- 24 , Dec. 1.

david production has produced a TV anime series for the first five parts of the manga . The first two animations, Phantom Blood and Combat Tendency ) , broadcast as 26-2011-650. The broadcast time of the animation is 12 Episode 1987 , the second half,, broadcast time is 13 2012 middle episodes. Aired 30 Episode 2013. Aired 30 Episode 2017-2016.

Crunchyroll played all animations. Viz Media is distributing anime in North America and has passed. Viz Media has also released English version.

The arc also inspired a live-action movie, which was released in Japan in August 2014. Viz Media has also licensed this film for home video use.

Nobuyoshi Araki’s spin-off manga () has also inspired several OVAs and live-action miniseries. Netflix began broadcasting animation worldwide in February 2022. Live action mini-series airs in Japan in December 2015, three more episodes in December 2021 and two more in December 26 and13. The series will be released in May as a live-action movie 13.

Source: Manga Natalie

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