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Jolie and Billy McClure throw a 'Barbie Dreamhouse' pool party in the Hamptons

#Barbiecore was in full swing last weekend at Julie and Billy Macklowe’s “Barbie Dreamhouse” themed pool party in the Hamptons. A few weeks ago, Evites was sent out with the words: “Barbie and Ken have a very serious dress code! If you don’t dress up, you won’t be admitted – no exceptions!” Over 650 places Guests, including a handful of fashion, finance and art tycoons such as John Paulson and Alina de Almeida, Marc Glimcher and Fairfax Dorn, Glenn and Amanda Fuhrmann, Rebecca Hessel Cohen, Timo Weiland, and Dylan Lauren and Paul Arrrouet – were delighted accepted. Moderators channeled Biker-Disco Barbie and Kite Surfer Ken, also attended by Mattel President and COO Richard Dickson, who had his team send kids a collection of Barbie dolls and life-size Barbie boxes for fun Photo ops. “Barbietinis” (crushed fresh watermelon with fresh lime juice and Clase Azul tequila) served, food trucks from Mattitaco Taco, Pizza Luca and Carvel set up to keep partygoers fed, Weiland and James Ryan takes turns at the DJ booth. Verlander exclaimed, “James, Julie, and I took the Cloud9 vibe from our annual winter adventure in Aspen to wrap up an epic summer on the Eastside together!”



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