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Jon Moxley beats CM Punk in Dynamite's AEW World Championship Unity

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All Elite Wrestling Interim World Champion Jon Moxley officially becomes the first ever two-time AEW World Champion by defeating AEW World Champion CM Punk in the AEW World Championship Unity match on Wednesday night’s Dynamite episode.

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The undisputed champion 🏆

Jon Moxley beats CM Punk to become the undisputed @AEW world champion

Punk kicks early with a roundhouse, but he appears to re-injury his left foot while doing so. All Elite Wrestling @AEW

Did CM Punk just re-injure his foot in these early minutes? ! Watch #AEWDynamite live on TBS!

This opens the door for Moxley to dominate punk in this game. He ended his win and belt with a paradigm shift: All Elite Wrestling @AEW

Undisputed #AEW World Champion Jon Mosley! #AEWDynamite live on TBS!

Moxley was in the crowd celebrating and Punk had to help out in the back. All Elite Wrestling @AEW

Undisputed #AEW World Champion Jon Moxley celebrates while heartbroken CM Punk is helped out of the field. Watch #AEWDynamite live on TBS!

The Road to Unification begins shortly after Punk defeats “The Executioner” Adam Page gets the world of AEW on Double or Nothing in May champion. Punk was injured during the game or for a period of time after the game, forcing him to take a break.

Five days after Double or Nothing, Punk announced he was going to hit shelves, but pointed out that AEW president Tony Khan didn’t would allow him to withdraw from the AEW World Championship. Instead, an interim champion will be determined.

In the Dynamite episode that followed, a battle royale took place, and the winner went on to face Mo in the main event xley. Kyle O’Reilly won in Clash Royale, but he fell to Mox.

Then, Hiroshi Tanahashi and Hirooki Goto face off in a new Japanese professional wrestling match, and the winner will be in the Forbidden City Door clashes with Moxley for the AEW interim world title. Tanahashi beats Goto and Mox to run for his money in the Forbidden Door contest, but Moxley prevails, And added the interim AEW World Championship title to the resume, which included hosting the AEW World Championship.

On August 10th on Dynamite, Moxley puts interim title with Chris Jay A matchup between Chris Jericho, the wrestler who won the AEW World Championship in 2020.

After Moxley left, Jericho Appreciation attacked him, which caused Punk to fight off Jericho by and his thugs to achieve the expected return.

Punk and Moxley are two of the most popular wrestlers in AEW and in the whole of pro wrestling, m in their clash Before it happened, the fan base was a little overwhelmed with who to support.

Anyway, since punk was arguably the face of AEW, and when he left, the product was definitely missing something. Punk’s status as AEW’s number one takes a hit, however, on Dynamite, Moxley gets victory and officially marked the start of his second reign as the undisputed AEW World Champion.

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