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Jon Stewart, Roy Wood Jr.'s ridiculous reactions to Trump's arraignment day

With Donald Trump’s arraignment and arrest dominating the headlines Tuesday, Late Night televised all of this Both attempt to capture the historic yet utterly eerie nature of the day’s events.

About The Daily Show, guest host Roy Wood Jr.’s introduction to Tuesday night’s show unsurprisingly focused on the absurdity of the suffocating media coverage surrounding Trump’s making cable from Mar-a-Lago to a Manhattan courtroom arraignment TV journey. The ex-president was indicted by a New York grand jury for his alleged involvement in a scandal that stemmed from sexting pornographic film actress Stormy before Daniels pays for hush money. US presidential election.

In an exhaustive roundup of Tuesday’s silliest episodes, Wood highlighted how Rep. Nelson Mandela and Jesus were compared as other figures who were politically arrested. He also pointed out that nothing that happened today needed to happen. “The crazy thing about all of this today is that Donald Trump doesn’t even have to come to New York,” said this week’s Daily Show host explain. “He could have done the whole arraignment in the crib. Because, apparently, they gave him the option to be arraigned over Zoom. You know, like Nelson Mandela and Jesus.”

“Trump wants publicity,” Wood said. “Look at how he came out of Trump Tower this morning, holding the Black Power fist like a real political prisoner. He lives for shit like that. Damn, Trump probably acts like Michael Jackson every day Dancing on the roof of a car like this.”

Do? They go with the flow and give us all-around coverage, even when there’s absolutely nothing to talk about.

After the day’s events, Wood reflected on his need to go viral with his analysis. “I’m trying to go viral this week. Being a guest host is stressful,” he joked, alluding to the need to invite a very special guest to discuss the event. via The Daily Show Phantoms of the past help here as Jon Stewart dressed as a hooded Obi-Wan Kenobi.

Stewart takes off his hood and says he stops by to help Wood like “a wise sage who guides his young master”, but ensues a long discussion about why Stewart is dressed like Kenobi and Wood is Which character, if Trump is Vader. Star Wars is too long, Wood is out of time, and Stewart is frustrated.





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