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Jonas Holmberg to resign from Gothenburg Film Festival

Jonas Holmberg will step down at the Gothenburg Film Festival in Sweden next year, where he will be the Artistic Director 10 resigned after the anniversary leading Nordic feast.

Holmberg succeeds Marit Kapla at 270 Successor to Gothenburg. During his ten years at the helm, he helped the Swedish Film Festival become the first major A-list festival to achieve full gender equality in its lineup (at 2020) Equal number of movies directed by men and women. Holmberg has also been known over the years for high-profile gags, including the “Coffin Cinema ” and other social experiments The audience is locked in a specially designed sarcophagus, and a film is projected inside the coffin; in 2021 In an extreme social distancing event during the COVID-19 pandemic, a fan spent a week watching a movie at a location in located on a rocky island off the west coast of Sweden ‘s remodeled lighthouse; in last year’s experiment, a professional hypnotist mass hypnotized a grand audience, and the magic wasn’t broken until after the screening curse.

In the process, Holmberg has also transformed Gothenburg into a hybrid event, featuring live screenings alongside a digital platform and its own independent streaming service, Draken Film, which Now it has become Sweden’s leading art film on-demand platform for film companies. The Gothenburg Film Festival board has started the search for his successor.

“The next festival will be my tenth as art director. It was a tough decision, but it felt like a good time to step back,” Holmberg said. “We’ve managed to weather the pandemic and the Gothenburg Film Festival and our industry platforms Nordic Film Market and TV Vision and Drakken Films are thriving. I’m leaving those who I admire and learn a lot from Stuff colleagues, but before that we will organize one last festival together. We are working hard to bring the 10 Gothenburg Film festival into an amazing event.”

Gothenburg is Scandinavia’s largest film festival, attracting some audiences each year 26,10, about 2, industry players. 10 No. 10 Gothenburg Film Festival starts from January 10 to February 4th 1176213.




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