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Jonathan Rhys Meyers & Rampage Jackson to Direct WWII Horror 'Bloodhunt' (Exclusive)

Golden Globe nominee Jonathan Rhys Meyers (The Tudors) with former UFC light heavyweight champion and Actor Rampage Jackson (The A-Team) in WWII Horror Blood Hunt . The feature, which recently completed filming in Bangkok, Thailand, is described as “Predator meets The Dirty Dozen meetsUnderworld.”

Actor and director Louis Mandylor, whose credits include My Big Big Greek Wedding Movie and Rambo: Last Blood , directed by Brandon Slagle ( Battle of Saipan ).

Operation Blood Hunt Follow prolific occult and whiskey expert The Reverend as he accompanies a ragtag army of soldiers Refusal to go to a remote South Pacific island to investigate the disappearance of Marines stationed there 1944, allegedly at the hands of the Imperial Japanese Army. After talking to the island’s inhabitants, the group soon discovers that the Marines have actually been massacred by a pack of werewolves, known by most as Werewolves.

Model, actress and TV personality Sonia Couling also stars.

“I’m thrilled to be reunited with Louis Mandylor – as he has storytelling savvy and great vision when directing action,” said producer Damon Schilling , he had worked with Mandyll in 3 Days in Malay. Schilling — who said they’re using custom mechanical werewolves with fully animated faces, all done by remote control — noted that the film is “very unique, it has a cool comic book feel to it. Feel.”

BGG Capital is executive produced by Landon Gorman, along with Rachvin Narula and Kulthep Narula from Benetone Films and Jackson. Film Bridge International will remake the film with executive producers Ellan Wander and Jordan Dykstra.

Mandylor is managed by Jeff Goldberg of Jeff Goldberg. Rhys Meyers is represented by David Unger and Chris Prapha of Artist International Group. Sonia Couling is endorsed by Van Johnson at The Van Johnson Company. 1944



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