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Jos Verstappen makes WRC Ypres debut: 'Max thinks I'm crazy'

Jos Verstappen will join the WRC at the Ypres Rally, Belgium, where he will be driving a WRC2-spec Citroën C3 for tough asphalt events.

The 50-year-old has only started rallying a year and a half ago in 106 races in his F1 career at Benetton, Simtek, Footwork, Tyrrell, Stewart, Arrows and Minardi .

Verstappen made his debut this year, driving a C3 in the Belgian Rally Championship, and this weekend’s race at Ypres, Belgium, was only his fifth career rally.

In an interview with select media, including, Verstappen said his F1 world champion son had developed an interest in rallying and was closely following his father’s progress from touring to rallying.

“He thinks I’m crazy,” Verstappen laughs about his career change when asked about Max’s thoughts. “But he understands and he loves it. I call him every day. He loves it, as long as I’m having fun, he loves it.”

Verstappen also revealed that Max had tested him ‘s C3 Rally2 car, confirming that the Red Bull F1 star has quickly adapted to the new circuit for a brief outing.

“Once you feel it, it doesn’t matter what car you drive,” Verstappen added. “We had this track day and he [Max] was very fast and I didn’t have a chance.”

Photo: Mark Sutton / Motorsport Images

Fun has always been a key factor in Jos Verstappen’s decision to get into rallying, and he admits the discipline reflects what he has experienced in F1 racing Adrenaline feeling.

“Every stage is exciting,” he said. “When you race in Formula 1, you get excited before the race, and then you start, which kicks off the adrenaline.

“But in rallying, you have eight times a day Such excitement. And then it’s so exciting because you don’t know the track and you have to listen and it’s exciting.

Looking ahead to this weekend’s rally, Verstappen said completing the 281.58km event is the goal as he looks to continue his steep learning curve, which he hopes will lead to further outings at the WRC next year.

“To be done, that’s the main goal,” he added.

“It’s a long [event], but it’s going to last a full week, but physically it shouldn’t be an issue. I have to stay calm and try to get it done because there’s a lot Stages, but that’s fine, that’s why I’m here.

“Of course, you have to take your time and you want to get to the limit in the car, but you have to get used to what’s coming. No one knows what the track will be like after 30 cars.

“I hope we get through day one and get that experience.”


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