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Jose Aldo makes statement after UFC 278 loss to Mehrab Devalishvili

Jose Aldo, Conor McGregor
Image: @ufc on Instagram

Jose Aldo at his UFC 278 Speeches were made after the defeat at the hands of Merab Dvalishvili.

Aldo and Dvalishvili collided on the main card at UFC 278 on August 20. It was the biggest fight of Merab’s professional MMA career. While fans were looking forward to the barn burner, that’s not what we ended up with.

On the contrary, Merab was able to stop Aldo’s attack with his grapple, seeing Aldo’s back throughout the fight All pressed against the fence. It was a lackluster battle that ultimately saw Mehrab win by unanimous decision.

Aldo was visibly frustrated and shocked by the decision throughout the bout. The future UFC Hall of Famer released the following statement on his Instagram account after the loss:

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“We are the stories we write. Take care of every detail of the path, every step, every step or curve. Every difficulty and every achievement. He is a better planner than you are. You may even doubt him , but he will always believe in you. He makes you shine in the world. Get better every day. Smile and make those around you smile. It’s what makes your heart beat. Don’t accept more than you deserve. Such a wonderful life. Thank you for all the love I have along the way, it’s priceless.

“Who would The trenches around you? – does it matter? – Not just the war itself. “

Although Merab made Huge victory, but he didn’t quite get the favor of UFC president Dana White. After UFC 278, Dana told reporters that he didn’t believe Dwalishvili’s performance was doing him any favors.

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