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Journey Through the Minimalist World of Jeremy Scott Collector Joey Arias

Ten years or so piece, there’s no other way to put it: Joey Arias is very loyal to Jeremy Scott. “The amount of clothes I am accumulating for one person seems insane,” Arias told Vogue on the latest episode of “Devoted.” As if to prove his point, he wore a silver metallic leather crown from Scott’s first fall men’s collection 2012 for Moschino. “But really, it’s a loving profile, and I wear these clothes every day.”

After hours, that is, because Arias is a mobile dental company in Dallas The Clinical Operations Manager, who usually wears a uniform—blue scrubs, specifically. (No, it’s not legendary New York performance artist Joey Arias.) The Arias line, which includes toys, accessories, jewelry and ready-to-wear, is all part of Scott’s tongue-in-cheek world. It all started with a jacket, Arias said as he walked around the room he dedicated to his collection, showing off Scott’s Adidas Originals spring collection silver leather angel wings number 2012 . “His work touched my heart and soul and made me feel whole.”

Many of the pieces in this collection are Arias’ personal work from Scott The world he is deeply involved in. Some shining examples include the two handbags he showed at Vogue. The first, his favorite item, was part of the designer’s first collection for Moschino McDonald’s Happy Meal Kit. The second is the toothpaste tube messenger bag. “Working in dentistry, I had to have it!” he quipped.

Another item that Arias picked out was the Moschino fall 2017 men’s camisole. “I was in the military, I was in the Air Force,” he recalls looking at the piece. “I’ve always been fascinated by some of the harness gear that emergency vehicle drivers wear or what pilots have. It’s a bit harness-inspired, but it’s directly inspired by flight suits and parachute harnesses.” It sold out, but despite his loyalty, he found it another collector via Instagram and traded a “substantial” number of pieces for it. Judging by the look on his face, the trade-off was well worth it.




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