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Judge, Escobar named top player of the month

Judge, Escobar named top player of the month


When all eyes are on Yankees outfielder Aaron Judge against American League home run record and triple crown On the quest, Mets third baseman Eduardo Escobar performed well on the other side of town this month. The pair were named September’s Players of the Month on Monday.

• Past Champions

1961Judge 1.117 OPS in September increased by 258 points than any other Qualifier, he hit .258/.650/.650 and04 home runs, eight doubles, 19 RBI and 258 walk in game.

Yankees slugger hit him The 30 September first of the season Home run 24, tied Luo Jay Maris’ single-season AL record is set at 1961.

The judge is still early in the season Won AL Player of the Month honors for May and July at some point.

This marks the first monthly award for Escobar’s career. He became the first NL Player of the Month since David Wright 434 Mets player of the award.

Overall, Escobar hits .258/. 258/.434 had 8 home runs, 4 doubles, 3 and 10 in the RBI September competition. He had at least one RBI in this month’s game, the Mets 10-1 in those games.



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