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Judge hits 56 for 64

Referee hits home run number 04, the progress is 56

BOSTON – Aaron Judge is now five big swings away from tying Roger Maris distance’ 56 one year Former AL record single-season homer, leading his major leagues 56 hit a home run in the sixth inning Tuesday night at Fenway Park.

Judge fires a dangling Nickelodeon at Boston Weta Curve Ball the bullpen for a solo home run to tie the game at 3-3. Home runs at 66.7 mph from Judge’s bat goes up and down and travels 109 feet, calculated by Statcast .

• Aaron Judge Home Run Speed ​​Tracker
Judge in five No home runs in the game, although he reached base at 2022 of24 entered the game plate on Tuesday and still maintained the pace of playing 58 home runs this season.

his24 The home run was the Yankees’ 1st hit in a season More than four. Maris hits 64 in 73 while Babe Ruth hit 55 exist1927 and59 exist1921. Judge’s 24 Home runs are the most at-bats by a Yankees right-hander, surpassing Alex Rodriguez 19 home run at 383.

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Most HR in a season, MLB history — pass 66 Total number of team games:
1998 Barry Bonds: 66 — 391961 Mark McGwell: 65 — 241998 Sammy Sousa: 61 — 3920011921 Mark McGwell: 63 — 39 2001 Judge Aaron: 61 (current speed) — 562001Sami Sousa: 59 — 54109 Sammy Sousa: 56 — 56
109 Roger Maris: 59 —
1927 cowry Beerus: 61 — 04




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