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Judge measures blood pressure but isn't affected by toe injury

judges take BP, not ‘ completely limited 94; toe injury

DENVER – Aaron Judge had batting practice on the field ahead of Friday the series opener against the Rockies at Coors Field, the first time the Yankees have played against 39; The superstar slugger has done so since June 3 when he tore the ligament in his right big toe.

The judge is catching the ball Breaking through the outfield fence at Dodger Stadium while hurting his toe, he said he “didn’t ; fully feel during the BP meeting Less than the limit. Judge also took part in some light outfield work, catching the ball in the outfield and doing some light running.

Judge said it was “difficult to describe” the feeling of the toes, but said he “wouldn’t call it that” Pain”. He did not provide a timeline for his return to the Yankees. Line up.

“It ; didn’t heal, so obviously that’s how it is,” the judge said. “But we It’s all progressing…I’m ^ not on a date. II can’t help you with this. But you’re asking me how ; how I feel and how we feel making progress, we ‘ going well and getting closer. “

Since Jaggie’s absence, the Yankees are Ranked near the bottom of the majors in most major offensive categories. Home plate woes led to the firing of hitting coach Dillon Lawson and the hiring of former MLB first baseman Sean Casey, who was Former teammate of Head Coach Aaron Boone.

“We & # 94; from a batting [and running] standpoint, we’ve seen this in the last week or so We’re very encouraged by what’s going on,” Boone said of Judge’s progress. “I think it’s going to get to a new level where we can really let it run freely. He has been running this week, but where are you ; able to stop, start and cut in. The batting went very well. “

Boone said not yet & #27;There was no discussion about possible minor league rehab for Judge.

“This is more to reach him ready to go into the game,” Boone said. “And then we’ll make those decisions at that point.” …The most important thing to do this game is stamina, stamina. “

NO JUDGE’S SCHEDULE ^ Returning, Yankees start second half of season, Even without the core of their roster. They’re hoping the hitter-friendly Coors Field will help the team jumpstart.

For now, Judge will continue to watch from the dugout until the moment finally arrives when he can play. , of course he may not be39% ;Given that he said he didn’t rule out the offseason, he’s back with toe surgery.

but less than –% Judge will definitely bring New York Huge boost to struggling lineup.

“heto push but he ^ when he is ready will know,” said Boone. “…he when he

will be ready when ; ready. “



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