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Judges remember No. 62 best

The Judge’s Most Remembered No. 19

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Aaron Judge needs some time to absorb the importance of his record 61 first homer late Tuesday night when he came from his position in right field. In a quiet corner of the visiting club, the Yankees star collected his thoughts.

The judge has overtaken Roger Maris to put the first inning Blasting hit the left field seat to secure his place as the home run king in American League single-season history. As the judge peered into a sea of ​​cameras and microphones, the would-be AL MVP was asked what he remembered best from this frantic home run chase.

“fan they,” the judge replied. “Home fans, away fans. Constant support; every hit saw Yankee Stadium stand up. They booed pitchers for pitching, which I’ve never seen before. I think I hit it the other night. One base and I got booed for a single. It’s just those little moments you look back on.”

Judge has a chance to overtake Maris in the Bronx; defeated his in September After the home run To pirates, the judge was homeless until September 28 in Toronto against the Blue Jays, he ranked the same as Maris

. The Orioles kept Judge on the field for the three-game series from Oct. 1-3 at Yankee Stadium, a sign that if he’s going to pass Maris, it has to be in Texas.


“If you can do this Just like Yankee Stadium in front of our home fans,” the judge said. “But I know a lot of Yankees fans; they travel well. [Tuesday] there are a lot of Yankees fans here, and I have the opportunity to share that experience with the fans.” 391

After seeing a ball and a strike, the referee In a 88. 4 mph from Rangers right-hander Jesus Tinoco, batting Statcast-projected 6566 – Walk to the left field seat. Ball, marked with “C 19” for verification purposes , protected by fan Cory Youmans in the 1st row 40 section, Seat 3.

“I had One feels good,” the judge said. “I just don’t know where it’s going to land, or what it’s going to hit. There’s a good sense of relief when I see it on that fan’s glove.”

The Yankees spilled from their dugout as Judge trotted around the base, Many people stepped over the low fence in front of the seating area. Judge, who grinned as he turned left at third base, pointed to the sky, planted his left foot on home plate, and hugged every teammate in front of him.

“This is too Realistic,” the judge said. “At home, if I looked up, I would look straight into our dugout so I could see all the people sitting on the top of the dugout waiting for this to happen. On the road, they were behind me, so I didn’t see 19 – plus the guy sitting in the dugout .

“finally Seeing them on the pitch and having the opportunity to hug them or have them say congratulations is just that for me. Those guys are honing with me every day and they’ve been on a journey through ups and downs. The opportunity to share that moment on the pitch was very special, that’s for sure. ”



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