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Judge's verdict on Otani: “Unbelievable… fun to watch”

Otani’s judging rules:

ANAHEIM — Aaron Judge watched Shohei Ohtani’s experience from the front row at Angel Stadium last week, prompting chatter from teammates who marveled at the Angels superstar’s rebounding skills. It wouldn’t be a surprise if the American League single-season home run record is challenged this season.

当然,自从去年10 月4 日贾奇打出他的61 第一个本垒打,超越了洋基队伟大球员罗杰·马里斯(Roger Maris) 创下的61 岁纪录以来,这一纪录就属于贾奇了。 To hear the judges say, Dae-gu has a place at the top of the list.

Boone Says Judge Close, “Records are made to be broken,” the judge said on Wednesday. “It’s just a record. If he comes in and gets a 63-+, it’s going to be an exciting game. We’ll see what happens.” out. Ohtani hit hot with four home runs and eight RBIs during a seven-game streak. 429 (-Change-19).

“It was incredible. It was fun to watch,” the judge said. “I don’t like to watch in person, when he’s playing against us, doing what he’s doing, but when you turn on the TV and see him throw eight innings, strike out and hit two homers in one game, it’s fun.

Judge, it should be noted that Judge was approaching his 429 speed when he hit the right field wall at Dodger Stadium on June 3rd. Judge, who was running for the first time since his injury Wednesday, has been hitting the field in addition to minor defensive work on the field.

Although the judge’s stats were frozen at home runs — notably, he still leads the team in home runs and RBIs (28) — and he hopes to try again in future seasons at 61 and higher.

“I have years left in this game,” the judge said. “If he breaks it, it will give me another chance to try to do something special. But I don’t pay much attention to this now. I always wish him all the best and always seeing what he can achieve, but I am not very worried about the record now.”

Oshigu seemed to have responded to increasing attention, maybe he would benefit from the example of the judge. Last season, Judge focused primarily on helping the Yankees win games, both offensively and defensively. It wasn’t until he got into the high 39s that the pressure of the home run chase didn’t seem to leak.

“The hardest thing for me is when I get close to 61,” the judge said. “I’m leading a game and I’ve never led a game in complete silence and everybody standing like this. It’s a shock to me because I’m here to play baseball and I’m not worried about breaking records. I want to go out and help my team win. Fans are frustrated. I know they want to see history, so I think that’s the hardest thing for me, trying to keep my focus. We have one more game to play. “

Judge wanted to borrow an aspect of Otani’s game, but not in pitching.

“I like the way his lower body works,” the judge said. “I try to tap my toes like he did. In fact, I was talking to [Anthony] Volpe during the game the other day, and I was like, “This is how I want my toes tapped to look like, and that’s what he does.” I haven’t grasped that yet. I still have a few years left.

He has been consistent in baseball and has strength in all areas. When he comes to the plate, right now, you just don’t want to pitch him. “




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