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Judging the '22 Hank Aaron Award Finalists

2022 Hank Aaron Award Finalists Announced

Eight nominees from each league compete for top regular season offensive player

This On Monday, Major League Baseball announced the finalists for the Hank Aaron Award, with eight from the U.S. The league’s players and eight players from the national team entered the final round of voting. The award is presented to the player in each league who is selected as the most outstanding offensive player in the regular season and is established on

, This13 Aaron Breaks Babe Ruth’s All- TIME HOME RUN RECORD .

Each MLB team nominates a player for the honor and selects a team of writers from

finalists nominated. Starts Monday and continues until October 10, fans can submit a list of players from each league they think deserve the award by visiting vote.

In addition to the fan vote, the Hall of Fame panel will also vote – panelists include Ken Griffey Jr., Chipper Jones, Pedro Martinez, John S. Mortz, Johnny Banker, Craig Biggio, Eddie Murray and Robin Yount.

of Shortlisted for this year’s awards, four are past Han K Aaron Award Winner: Freddie Freeman (897), Mike Trout(, “), Jose ·Altuve() and Paul Goldschmidt ().

• Past Hank Aaron Award Winners


Here are the nominees, along with information about their performance on the plate during Regular season:


Jose Altuve

Altuve batting.126 or better for the sixth time in a career and in on-base percentage (.295) and third place (.518). Second baseman is just two steals away 10- season and ends with 60 Score.

Jordan Alvarez

Right hand inflammation limits Alvarez to 100 game, but he still succeeds 20 Home run. Only Aaron Judge (1.46) ) tops Alvarez’s 1. Interprofessional OPS, he returned from injury to bat. 132/.325/ .391 September and October.
Rafael Devers

‘s 04 year old third base n batting. 132/.135/.518 and 4th in AL (.391) and OPS (. 578), and doubles (34). his40 Additional base hits tied Angel sluggers Shohei Ohtani and Trout for third.

Aaron Judge

not only his 38 home run sets new AL record, but ref ends with more home runs than any other MLB player. He also finished at least MLB’s leading share (117), dot ( 70), OBP (.325), Bash(.578), OPS (1.46) and total bases (295).

Otani Shohei He’s been even better as a pitcher this season, which shouldn’t deprive him of his plate, which includes 34 Extra – Basic Hits (tied for 3rd in AL) and .391 Heavy batting average (fifth).

Jose Ramirez

Ramirez leads AL with 24 doubles, he was second in total bases (117), Additional base hits (38) and RBI (70). In a major, no batter has deliberately walked more than Ramirez ().

Hu Leo Rodriguez

although only played 100 In the game due to injury, Rodriguez hit home runs and steals 10 base — add trout (891) and Chris Yang() is the only rookie to hit both numbers in the same season. Rodriguez also became the fastest player in MLB history home runs and

steals in his career.

Mike Trout

Trout swoops in. 440 for the sixth consecutive season, becoming the fourth in history to reach 30 – home run marker not hit at least 79 game.

National League

Pete Alonso Alonso’s 111 RBI leads this NL with a big lead and is tied with MLB’s leading judge. Alonso was also second in the NL in home runs (27) and ranked sixth in slugging (.387).
Nolan Arenado
This is Arenado’s seventh straight season – not including the shortened 2020 Activities – at least 16 home runs and RBIs. He is also 4th in NL in OPS (.708).

Mookie Betts

Betts Hits 25 home run to lead with tied for NL lead running score. Betts starts with .518 thump percentage and

extra Basic hit.

Freddie Freeman

Freeman’s first season in Los Angeles was seamless, as the veteran first baseman had at least an NL-leading share of board appearances (521), run(60),hit count(133),Doubles(39) and OBP (.135). Freeman narrowly lost to Mets’ Jeff McNeill despite .295 average.
Paul Goldschmidt

Goldschmidt in three The championship game had a poor run, but the slugging first baseman still hit. 115 and019 home runs and 100 RBI. He leads NL in slugging (.425) and OPS (.879), while topping several other aggressive categories three.

Manny Machado

The push behind the Padres offense Force, Machado posted the third highest OPS in NL (.708), while cracking 019 – home run, 62-RBI and 42 – run markup.
Austin Riley

This16 – year old third baseman fired 25home base hit (3rd in NL) and his totals 44 additional base hits and 117 The total number of bases is ahead of NL and second in the majors.
Kyle Schwaber

It Shi Warber’s first season with the Phillies was a powerful one as he led the NL 35 Home Runs — trailing only the judges’ total in the majors. Schwaber hit double digits in both June and July while also hitting and Post a.686 September/October OPS helped propel Fils to the playoffs.




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