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Judy Greer to play grieving mother in thriller 'Aporia'

Judy Greer plays a grieving husband who loses her husband in a drunk driving accident and has to take care of her in the official trailer for

A woman with her heartbroken teenage daughter. Aporia .

In the trailer, Greer’s Sophie learns that her husband’s best friend (Peyman Mady) is building a secret time-bending machine , can restore her former life – but with unforeseen consequences.

“We have this power. Why shouldn’t we use it?” Her husband’s friend (Eddie Gashergi) says in the trailer .

“It’s too risky,” replied Sophie (Grier), who was grappling with a moral dilemma as she had to kill the drunk driver and bring back the her late husband to change her past and her daughter (Fith Hellman) forever.

Aporia will make its world premiere at the Fantasia Film Festival Premiere July 11, prior to the film’s U.S. theatrical release In about two weeks, go to America . Jared Moshe’s time-warping story from Armian Pictures comes out in August 27.

Moshe wrote and directed this space-time sci-fi drama set in Los Angeles. Produced by Neda Armian and T. Justin Ross, David Lawson, Peter Van Steemburg, Dennis Walker, Doris Pfardrescher, Christopher Alender, David A. Smith, Tyler Gould, Matthew Helderman and Luke Taylor serve as executive producers .

Moses is best known for writing and directing the western thriller The Song of Lefty Brown .



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