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Judy Turner Spring 2024 Ready-to-Wear

Conley Averett is rethinking his business model. He’s back after a season in Paris and has hired Julian Paik, a retail consultant for brands like Commission, Luar, HommeGirls, to help with his sales strategy, which he admits he didn’t have before. If last season he struggled with the balance between creativity and commerciality, this season he’s reigning in, making a collection that is wearable and can sell in the market. “As a one-person brand, you can’t constantly introduce new ideas. So a lot of this is collected from older seasons,” said Averett. “For a brand, there must be trial and error. You have to have some failures along the way and some successes to make sure you learn how to listen to yourself more.”

Unlike previous seasons, where Averett opted for moodier lookbooks, he shot images in a brightly lit space to showcase his clothing more visibly. He hopes this will help with seeing his pieces more clearly for styling and buying purposes. Elevated and well-thought-out basics were some of his goals for the season. His signature crochet-knit pieces were intentionally thicker at the bust and bum area and sheer everywhere else, making them more wearable for the everyday. The tanks, which may look simple from the images, were made of luxe silk, making them easy and breezy for spring.

Some new items included cargo pants and accessories. Two styles of cargos were introduced, one in a coated cotton fabric and another 100% cotton. Averett also created two versions of mini bucket bags using the same fabrics as the pants. Another new item to add to the list of accessories that Judy Turner now makes is crochet belts that can be layered over basics for a statement look. Averett said, “It’s like little pieces of the brand that you can take with you or work into your wardrobe.”



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