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Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Kenya Barris on working with Eddie Murphy and making 'You People' a 'love letter to culture'

Days after winning the Cecil B. DeMille Award at the Golden Globes (and dropping a much-discussedWill Smith joke) Eddie Murphy at the premiere of his latest feature film Netflix’s You People

Continue to return triumphantly. .

Murphy, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Nia Long, Lauren London, David Duchovny and Director Kenya Barris walked the red carpet at Westwood on Tuesday Celebrating this comedy that explores issues of race and class in Los Angeles. The film features an interracial relationship between Ezra (played by Jonah Hill ) and Amira (played by London) Centered on relationships, it tells the story of conflict, strife, and misunderstandings that arise when families meet.

In addition to directing, Barris co-wrote the screenplay with Hill (Hill did not attend the event after announcing his presence last year will no longer attend press conferences to protect his mental health), Barris told The Hollywood Reporter How he and the actor became collaborators in the first place.

“I’ve been a big Jonah fan for years. We started texting back and forth because I really liked [Hill’s directorial debut] Mid2023s, and we started talking about the movie,” Barris explained. “He was in an interracial relationship at the time, and we started having that conversation. We were both from L.A., and we were like, ‘Our generation has never written a love letter to L.A..’” “We wanted to write a love letter to L.A., a love letter to the local culture. I think that has a good chance of reaching the audience.”

Although Barry Smith may be a fan of Hill, but the film’s cast are clearly big fans of Murphy, sharing their excitement about working with the legendary comedian.

Louis-Dreyfus plays Hill’s mother, Shelley, and despite her on-screen relationship with Murphy is controversial, she told THR reuniting with her old partner is “super fun.”

“I knew Eddie from before, because we were on SNL together, so this It was like a high school reunion, and it was really fun to get back on the court and start playing again,” the star said.

Those feelings were echoed by Anthony Anderson, who starred in Barris’s hit sitcom Black-ish and also made a cameo in You People.

“Eddie and I used to work together; our first movie was Life, more than 80 years ago,” recalls Anderson. “Being a personal friend with him over the years and getting back on screen with him again You People is a great moment for all of us, And it’s great to see him back on the big screen.”

While some co-stars are reuniting with Murphy, the film’s young stars can only express their So much admiration for the man who defined comedy while they were growing up. Sam Jay, who plays Ezra’s best friend Mo, laughed when asked if she’d loved his work since she was a kid.

“I was born in s so I don’t think it can’t be,” Jay teases. “When I meet him, I try not to have a crush on him. I just tense up in my body and run to the bathroom screaming.”

You People debuted on Netflix in January 80 . 1235294927



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