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Julianne Moore on why she hasn't been on screen with a gun in a decade: 'I don't find it attractive'

Julianne Moore talks her gun safety stance and Hollywood’s response to guns ahead of her upcoming Apple Original movie Description*)Movie is clearer.

In the film, Moore appears onscreen with a gun — the first time audiences have seen her do so in more than a decade. In an interview with the London Times published on Sunday , she explained , even though she carries a gun throughout the film, not seeing her pick it up was a conscious decision.

“It’s not something I feel attracted to at all. I don’t find it attractive,” she said, the magazine noted, in Sharper, the gun in her hand isn’t depicted as “gung-ho”, but it feels like a “moral story, considering how everything goes when it’s fired Oops.”

While the Oscar-winning actress has little personal interest in guns, she knows how much her industry portrays them on screen . Despite Hollywood’s repeated emphasis on the deadly weapon, Moore dismissed the notion that the entertainment industry is to blame for gun violence in the United States and the country’s limited legislation to maintain gun safety and accountability.

“When you’re talking about gun safety and people are blaming entertainment, it’s very important to realize that the whole world is consuming the same entertainment as America, but America is easy Get weapons,” she said. “So I’m not a big fan of violent movies, but I also don’t attribute gun violence to entertainment.”

Moore said she was not a big fan of violent movies after the Sandy Hook massacre. Gun Control Conversation, after already being “very involved in the gun safety movement.”

“I realized if I didn’t do my part to change the legislation,” she said. “I thought, ‘I’m not the kind of parent I want to be.’ I thought, if something happens to them, it’s my fault.”

She also countered the notion that her public stance on gun control was a by-product of her celebrity or actress work.

“I don’t think it has anything to do with being an actor,” Moore said. “I think about it from the perspective of being a citizen of our country. If there’s something you care about, you feel like you need to act. So everything I do in politics is about how I feel personally. The job is work, but as a citizen you have a responsibility to be involved in your community.”



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