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'Just Like That' Season 2: My 14 thoughts on the trailer

You might as well put on your Santa hat and call it Christmas, because we’ve been waiting for that moment for almost a whole year – Sex and the City

The Return of RebootAnd Just Like That...—FINALLY HERE. The trailer for the show’s second season was released Wednesday, and it’s filled with adults-only gossip, shoes, city panoramas, and chediards, just as I’d hoped; below, find out about each one while I’m watching. idea.

  1. Carrie’s ambiguous voice-over! Everyone drink!
  2. Wow, Carrie has a lot of blonde hair this season.
  3. Remember her temporary darkness in the movie?

Well, Rock’s style really blended.

  • The first book we saw was… Who’s Black and Why? The Hidden Chapter of 18th Century Race Invention.
  • Charlotte’s daughter Lily just told her Parents Is she ready to lose her virginity? Pack up, Gen Z, because your parents definitely don’t have to know everything .
  • Died of kids school having a “mature list” though I don’t condone it kind of behavior, but I have to admit that Charlotte York Gordonblatt would be high on my list. Car time, baby!
  • “Men have feelings too.” Quote needed!
  • AIDAN, you all!
  • He looks good too. Very Pierce Brosnan in Mamma Mia.
    1. Gosh, I hope he sings.

    2. I can’t wait for June and I will die!
    3. No, literally, I will die. Do you want my blood on your hands, HBO?




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