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Justin Bieber’s Anniversary Gift From Hailey Is a Major Upgrade

Everyone knows that the fifth wedding anniversary is the—say it with me now—blinged out necklace anniversary! Nobody knows this better than Hailey and Justin Bieber, who celebrated their fifth anniversary in September by gifting each other with diamond-encrusted pendants.

Yesterday while out in Los Angeles, Bieber rocked his anniversary gift—two enormous bejeweled mushroom pendants—with a navy T-shirt and terra cotta sweats, Birkenstocks (with socks) and a backwards cap. While both fungi feature white diamond stalks, one mushroom cap is covered entirely in yellow diamonds with larger spots. The other features a blue cap with multicolored spots in purple, orange, green, red, and white. 

The funky fungi were fashioned by New York-based jeweler Alex Moss, whose roster of famous clientele also includes Drake, A$AP Rocky, and Tyler, the Creator. Notably, he also made Hailey Bieber’s iced out “B” bauble, which she has worn near constantly since the pair’s anniversary. 

Bieber has been known to favor shroomy jewelry in the past, but this gift is a very ornate update. He’s previously rocked a pearl choker with red mushroom pendants from Frasier Sterling, as well as a chain with alternating colorful gummy bears and shrooms. He’s also broadcasted his love of the hallucinogens on his chest, wearing a lilac sweatshirt that read: “Magical Mushrooms, we shall eat them more often.” With this elaborate gift, it’s clear that Hailey Bieber knows her husband well.



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