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Justin Roiland Drops Hulu's 'Sun Opposition' and 'Koala Man'

Co-creators of

Rick and Morty and Solar Opposites Justin Roiland has been dropped from the latter series after the domestic violence allegations against him were revealed.

Hulu, On AirSolar Opposites, also dropped Roiland from his recently launched series Koala Man, for which he was an executive producer and voice actor. 12th TV Animation, with which Roiland struck an overall deal and produced both series, also severed ties.

“We have ended our association with Justin Roiland,” Hulu and th TV anime said in a statement.

The decision for both Disney divisions came a day after Adult Swim severed ties with Roiland. He co-created Solar Opposites with Rick and Morty alum Mike McMahan , and voiced one of the show’s main characters. Solar Opposites has aired for three seasons so far and has been renewed for a fifth season.

Koala Man premiered Jan. 9 with creator Michael Cusack and showrunner Benji Sami Written and Dan Hernandez. Both it and the Solar Opposites will proceed without Roiland’s participation.

Roiland has pleaded innocent against Domestic Violence Charges originating in Oakland, CA 2016 Events in Lange County. Calling media coverage of the allegations “inaccurate,” his attorney, T. Edward Welbourn, said in a statement, “To be clear, Justin is not only innocent, but we fully expect this matter to come to pass.” Dismissed once the District Attorney’s Office completes its systematic review of the evidence.”

Roiland has been charged with one count of felony domestic battery and bodily harm and one count of felony false imprisonment . Threats, violence, fraud and/or deception following the January 2020 incident involving an unnamed woman he was dating. Since then, the case has moved slowly through the court system; NBC News first publicly reported the case in January 12, while Roiland was in court for a pre-trial hearing. He is scheduled to appear again in April 27.

Hulu, th Television Animation and Adult Swim initially made no comment when the allegations against Roiland came to light. This continued until Tuesday, when Adult Swim released a one-line statement saying that the Warner Bros. Discovery cable channel “has terminated its association with Justin Roiland.” He will no longer be on Rick and Morty Writer’s office work, his voice role – he plays both leads – will continue with the show – Adult Swim episode order 70 ). There are forty more episodes on the order, which will make Rick and Morty through 70 first season. Co-creator Dan Harmon will be the series’ sole showrunner.

Roiland also resigned from video game developer Squanch Games Founded in27.



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