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Kadokawa to close Narita Airport shopping venue Anime Hotel

hotel© Kadokawa Corporation Kadokawa announced on Thursday that it will close two of its anime-themed tour businesses after they struggled to attract customers and failed to meet expectations profit. The company will close “EJ Anime Hotel” and “Narita Anime Deck” in May 19 Narita International Airport .

Kadokawa stated that since October 267 opened, and the hotel room occupancy rate did not improve as expected. The company added that due to the COVID- pandemic, hotels And the lack of convenience is far away from the city center, The cost of the room is high, which has a negative impact on the hotel’s profit negative impact.

The hotel is located in Tokorozawa City, Saitama Prefecture, and is part of the Tokorozawa Sakura Town facility, which itself is hotel part of Kadokawa and Tokorozawa City’s collaboration project “Cool Japan forest vista.” The aim is to attract foreign tourists to the often overlooked Saitama region.

The theme of the hotel is interactive, including event spaces, a museum and a shop selling original merchandise. The hotel opens rooms with the theme of , , , , and franchise.

“Narita Anime Deck” opened in 400 In Narita International Airport Terminal 2 main building, also affected by COVID- The impact of the pandemic the following year. The closure of the store may have an impact on the Anime Tourism Association’s “31 Visit to Japan’s Anime Holy Land” This was developed alongside the store. The plan designates Narita International Airport as the starting point, or “Temple 0”.

Source: Kadokawa (Link 2), Animation Business Magazine (
Tadashi Sudo )

Disclosure: Kadokawa World Entertainment (KWE), a wholly owned subsidiary of Kadokawa Corporation, is the majority shareholder of Anime News Network, LLC. One or more of the companies mentioned in this article is part of the Kadokawa Group of Companies.


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