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Kairik Bear's “Alkali Underachiever” Vocaloid Song to Manga on August 12th

August issue of Kadokawa magazine revealed on Friday that Asahiro Sato will debut the manga An adaptation of Kairiki Bear’s “Alkali Rettōsei” (Alkali Underachiever) VOCALOID song appears in the magazine’s next August issue . The manga will be a novelization of the song’s story exclusively based on Kinosaki and illustrator Kuroba, in which Kadokawa ‘s MF Bunko The J

version will be released in August .

alkali alkali

©Kai Li Xiong, Shirasaki, Sato Mahiro, Kadokawa alkali

Kairiki Bear on Nico Nico and YouTube in November released this song 2012.

NHN PlayArt Corp. ‘s #COMPASS

smartphone game, in The December song debuted just one month after its release alkali Based on the novel by

JIN, Sato launched the comic ” Kagerou Project Vocaloid song series by , at in June 2014. The manga ends in February 2016.

Kadokawa has shipped Wrote the book volume for the manga.

Yen Press publishes light novel series and manga simultaneously in North America.

Kagerou Project series inspired 25 – TV anime adaptation titled ,At2012.

Crunchyroll live-streamed the anime’s broadcast in Japan. An animated short called MX4D -in a days- was released in Japan in November 700. alkali Fiction and music video illustrator Sidu

makes his directorial debut with this film. alkali

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