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Kaley Cuoco, 'Meet the Cutie' director, on how Peacock movie is about a 'different', 'more honest' romance

Peacock ‘s meets cute possible Seems like just a familiar mashup of time loop movies and romantic comedies, but for star Kelly Cuoco and director Alex Lyman, there’s Enough freshness to give them a chance to take on the project.

“We’ve seen romantic comedies and time travel; we’ve done all of them. There’s something unique,” Cuoco said in TellThe Hollywood Reporter )Meet Cute New York premiere last week. “When I heard that Pete [Davidson] was possessed, I was like, ‘This is such a fun, a different kind of movie.’ Honestly, it was really sweet and brought a lot of joy.

The film follows Cuoco’s Sheila and Davidson’s Gary repeatedly starting the same first date, with Sheila using a time machine to keep reliving the first Sparks and turns Gary into the perfect match.

“It was an opportunity to tell a rom-com that might be a little more honest,” Lehmann said of what attracted him to the project. “I respect all the other rom-coms and have some great ones. It’s not my type really, but I feel like I have to tell a very honest person, even though there’s a tanning bed time machine in it. We have to play Real characters. There’s a lot of freedom and it feels like I’m going to make a rom-com and that’s it.”

As the movie goes on, it becomes clear why Sheila Keep repeating her first date with Gary, and the two must find a way to break the cycle.

In this way, Lyman said, the film tells a truer love story.

“Find It’s really easy to be someone who makes you happy, and it’s easy to fight for a relationship three months later. When you’re living in a relationship three years later, 30 Years later, you’re fighting for something completely different, which is romantic to me, especially when you see that these people aren’t just trying to save their relationship. They’re dealing with their own mental health issues and Trying to support each other and support each other when we have issues like neurosis,” the director told on THR on MET CUTE Premiere. “This is love – celebrating imperfection and honoring it.”

When Sheila and Gary started multiple iterations on the same night, they wore their original outfits for the evening , which created a challenge for costume designer Lee to come up with memorable ensembles.

“Because we knew Sheila’s dress had to be instantly recognisable, iconic, and stand out in every frame we saw, Alex [Lay] Man] and I worked very closely to find the color and silhouette of a dress that was like, ‘Wow, bam.’ When you see it, you know that’s the main character of the story,” Lee said of Sheila’s yellow plaid skirt. After deciding on the heroine’s color, Lee said, “We made a conscious effort to make every major character, a lot of the background characters, everyone else we saw match the color Sheila was wearing.”

Gary’s striped sweater and green chinos ensemble, meanwhile, was, says Lee, “a deceptively simple outfit.”

“It kind of blends into the background, and we did it on purpose,” Lee said. “Sheila, obviously the film was shot through her lens and her point of view, so when you first see Gary, you think he’s just part of the background. He’s like everyone else. But out of some kind Reason, she just kept coming back to him. So thin lines and trying to find an outfit that was interesting enough to keep our attention but also faded into the background, it took us some time to find the right sweater.”

While Sheila and Gary’s outfits remain largely unchanged, Li teases that there have been minor tweaks to the timeline.

“For example, for Sheila’s character, you’d see her earrings change from one timeline to another, maybe her necklaces change , maybe her hairstyle has changed,” Lee said. “So these are the Easter eggs, and if you keep watching the movie, you’re going to be happy.”

For Lehmann, his biggest challenge is being nervous at the movies Keeping comedians focused on the filming schedule.

“The most challenging thing about this movie is that we don’t have that many days to shoot, and Pete and Kelly are fun, a lot of times they’ll start improvising, we Just laughing and watching them have a good time improvising, I feel like we can go in that direction,” Lyman said. “But honestly, I enjoy the fact that I have to do both. When else can I sit on Pete Davidson stand-up show Front Row?”

Meet Cute is currently streaming on Peacock.



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