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Kamala Harris: Rejection of election hurts America's status as democratic 'example'


Vice President Kamala Harris argued on Sunday that unfounded claims about the integrity of the 2020 election could undermine whether the U.S. is considered a “democracy”. role model,” marking the latest official Biden administration to sharpen criticism in recent weeks of those who falsely insist the last presidential election was rigged.

Vice President Kamala Harris at the forum speak.

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Key Facts

Several running for state secretary of state of Republicans — what Harris calls “defenders of the integrity of the voting system” — have denied the legitimacy of the 2020 election, leaving people around the world “questioning” America’s commitment to democracy, and Harris is accepting NBC Meets with the media said in an interview*).

This is a “disgrace,” she said, adding that the United States has enjoyed “as a defender and a great democracy in the past” The “privilege” of being an example and holding your head high”.

But, Harris said, election deniers and those who do not condemn Jan. 6 People at Capitol riots are a ‘threat’ to America’s perceptions abroad because those beliefs ‘[reasons]

people question… Does America still value what they talk about? ?”


Ask at Meet the Media Whether it’s possible to change the minds of the roughly 70 percent of Republicans who don’t believe the 2020 presidential election is legitimate, Harris questions whether that’s that high. Instead, she said, Americans are more concerned with issues affecting families, such as the cost of living, prescription drug prices, abortion and infrastructure.

Key Background

Harris’ remarks come as President Joe Biden ramps up his attacks on “MAGA Republicans” who share similarities with former President Donald Trump That echoes the narrative about the 2020 election. Biden called on lawmakers who particularly downplayed the Jan. 6 riots as a threat to American democracy and said Trump’s philosophy resembled “half-fascism.” Trump and his supporters have slammed comments from Biden, who the former president has called an “enemy of the state,” and some Republicans think Biden’s condemnation of Trump supporters is too broad, though Biden insists he doesn’t mean All Republican voters. Harris on Sunday defended Biden’s remarks, arguing that it was “timely” to “speak” of an attack on democracy.

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