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Kamisama Kiss creator Julietta Suzuki launches vampire romantic comedy manga Nov. 5

these years22 Hakusensha ‘s Magazine Issue 2 It was revealed on Thursday that Suzuki Juliet will launch a new manga “ Tenjin-kun (A Nibble for my Fav) will be featured in the magazine’s next issue on November 5th. The comic will have a color opening page and will appear on the cover of the issue. The first chapter will have 32 pages. The magazine dubbed the manga a “bloody romantic comedy,” centered on an anime otaku vampire and her articulate neighbor.

The manga was written by Suzuki in earlier this year in April . That shot focused on a vampire named Hina who was always , who became obsessed with popular anime characters.

Suzuki recently ended Meitantei Kо̄ko wa Yuutsu

(Detective Kо̄ko is melancholy ?) manga was published on June 3. Suzuki published a single photo of the manga in January , and then serialized in the September issue 2020.

Suzuki introduced in the manga

, and ended the series in May 2020 25 roll. Viz Media has published manga in English.

Inspired two anime seasons. Funimation streamed both seasons in Japan and also released two seasons on home video. The manga also inspired a series of four original animation DVDs (OAD) that accompany the manga 20 nd to 20th compiled volume. Official doujinshi “volume 20.5”, shipped in December 2020. This fan book bundles DVD with original anime and 20 pages of ending manga.

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