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Kanye West opens Balenciaga's 'Mud' show

Guests at Balenciaga’s mud-filled Paris show Line up on the field to recognize that in seconds. Stepping down the brand’s mud-filled runway at the Parc des Expositions was Ye, who opened a show of individualism, dressed in leather and game faces to rival any model.

With his hat pulled down and his hood raised, the enigmatic rapper and Demna collaborator – you probably know He’s Kanye West, but now it’s just Ye — in his typical paparazzi avoidance mode. Wearing an all-black motocross and military uniform, he represents the brand’s new mission to move away from the labels that the industry loves to use.

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“I decided not to explain my collections and express my designs, but to express a state of mind,” Demna said in his press note Say. “Fashion is a visual art, and all we need is to see it through other people’s eyes.” He believes that, like any creative outlet, fashion shouldn’t need an explainer to sell it: “You either like it or you don’t. .”



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