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Kanye's trouble

Today in Paris, Kanye West sends White Lives Matter T – put on a t-shirt during his YZYS9 speech, and I honestly don’t know if I should write about the impact of using a far-right slogan on a t-shirt or ignore it completely like you were told in a toddler The tantrums that step children do.

Kanye West is an adult, I think it’s more of a reaction than a tantrum, although I’m not entirely sure what his reaction was what. Can I say I’m really ashamed of this black woman walking down the runway wearing a dress that had a racist reaction to the important civil rights movement? It’s impossible to know her political ideology, or what autonomy she has in what she wears, but she experienced Black Lives Matter in real time, just like all of us.

We start with Kanye? One of the things I like most about him is his unpredictability, his reluctance to conform. He has a typical wit – direct and tactful – clearly mixed with ignorance and enthusiasm. Watching him operate is both exciting and anxiety-provoking. He is kind and dangerous, forgettable and powerful. The problem with Kanye, however, is that the energy can be too strong, the provocation will tilt, and he will cross the line.

Although you can treat his wrong behavior Dating back to “George Bush didn’t care about black people,” but slavery “sounds like an option,” Taylor at the VMA, whose recent actions gave many of us pause. Talking lovingly about his breakup with Kim Kardashian while also harassing her with flowers feels vulnerable and sincere — but also threatening. He’s always been reckless, but it’s terrifying to see how far he’ll go and how much the journey back will leave behind.

Part of Kanye’s inexhaustible attraction is figuring out whether his actions are deliberate or purely impulsive result, or both. (He was diagnosed at 2017 with Bipolar, but I don’t want to suggest slightly that his mental health justifies his behavior.) His thoughts are always interesting; there’s a sense that he’s operating from somewhere we can’t fully grasp, somewhere other

. He’s a master of getting us to talk about him, to stir up conversations, to lash out at our sometimes sober appearances. We’ve seen him in a MAGA hat. We saw him at the White House with Trump. And now he’s wearing a White Lives Matter shirt with Candace Owens.



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