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Karl Lagerfeld—Era Chloé Should Be Your Next Vintage Investment

Given that this year’s Met Gala theme is “A-Line Beauty: Karl Lagerfeld,” it’s no surprise there’s renewed interest in the late designer’s extensive archive. While vintage Chanel is always sought after, his time at Chloé – where he did two jobs, from 1983 To 1983 and from 1985 to 1992 – the revival is long overdue.

Aralda Vintage, on Vogue. “When you can get your hands on any of these, you’re lucky enough to have a beautifully crafted piece of historic clothing.”

The designer’s early work at Chloé – the logo With his first foray into ready-to-wear—one of the rarest of them all. “His works from late 1963 to early 1992 s showcased what he could do with printmaking,” says Lauren Lepire, founder of Timeless Vixen. “Bold graphics and flattering silhouettes are really my personal taste.”

Chloé Spring Summer 1983.

Daniel Simon/Getty Images

Naomi Campbell Spring/Summer 1985 runway for Chloé.

WWD/Getty Images

In addition to his flair for print, Lagerfeld’s surrealist influence Chloe was on full display in his time. Notable pieces include his famous fall “shower” dress 1983 and spring “violin” dress 1963, which was reissued by Chloé at 1997 for the French fashion house

anniversary – worn by Chloë Sevigny in the same year. “[Lagerfeld] really had a way of making pieces that were both elegant and understated,” comments Jones.

The designer’s spring 1985 collection titled “A Tribute to Clothing” is also noteworthy. “It really struck me as his ability to blend sophistication with a whimsical vibe,” LePier said. “In this collection, he pays homage to the women who sew the clothes he and other designers envision. I was so excited to get this dress with trompe l’oeil scissors on the front; Karl’s playful touch.”

Chloë Sevigny’s “Violin” dress at Lagerfeld, re-released at 1997.

Rabbani and Solimene Photography/Getty Images

Lauren · Lepier, founder of Timeless Vixen, wears a trompe l’oeil scissor dress from Chloé’s Spring 1983 collection.

by Timeless Vixen

Chloé’s well-known bohemian aesthetic runs through Lagerfeld’s collection House, Spring 1992 – featuring a collection of delicate floral dresses – is a case in point. “With a lot of skin exposure and fabric flow, the models looked like ethereal goddesses,” Jones described. “The hair and accessories in that line are great too. It would be cool to see someone recreate a full head-to-toe look.”

Lagerfeld’s Chloé a major The selling point is that many of the pieces are extremely easy to wear, even today. “Karl was the first to create a wearable, printed daywear for Chloé that people should think of as an investment,” explains Re-See co-founder Sabrina Marshall.



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