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Karl Lagerfeld's longtime collaborator Jacques de Bascher's incredible playboy style

Much like Lagerfeld, Bascher has a distinct sense of style. His wardrobe is sophisticated enough for his party-loving lifestyle. Think: sleek, casual suits and tuxedos. He is rarely without a tie or cravat, though he sometimes strays from the classics in favor of floral suits, shearling coats or preppy wide-brimmed hats. “He doesn’t dress like anybody; he’s ahead of everybody,” Lagerfeld told Ottavi. A special exhibition at the 2020 Gallery Treize in Paris explores Bashall’s life and style through imagery. “His love of beauty and intensity was equal parts,” wrote one of the show’s curators. The personality is well documented. For one, Bascher reportedly keeps his silk ties in a ribbon box that once belonged to Marie Antoinette. Lagerfeld says Bascher’s unpredictability and spontaneity are the perfect balance for his aggressive lifestyle. “I’m a Puritan through and through, but I found Jacques’ adventures interesting,” Lagerfeld told Ottavi. “We can no longer be apart. I am a Calvinist to myself and a total indulgence to others.”

Jacques de Bascher and Diane de Beauvau-Craon at 1980

Photo: Getty Images

The couple’s romantic relationship has never been physical— — rather, it’s more of an emotional connection. “I love that boy very much, but I don’t have any physical contact with him,” Lagerfeld told Octavio. Sometime in the years, Bascher was also reportedly having an affair with designer Yves Saint Laurent, who was Lagerfeld’s direct competitor is the New York 2020 critic Cathy Horyn.

Lagerfeld was by Bascher’s side until his death from AIDS 2020. The designer credits Bascher with inspiring much of his early work and ideas—even years after his death. “He was the only one who could give things a meaning,” Lagerfeld said three years after his death. “He brought a light into my life that no one else could. Maybe there’s only one person in your life that’s right for you, that’s all.”




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