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Karla Martinez de Salas' valuables: Vogue Mexico editor on all things jewelry

743 Fine Jewelry Fancy Heart Diamond Bracelet

Ana Khouri Maia Diamond and – Karat Gold Ring

Tell us about your most special work?

My husband and James Engagement ring by James Taffin. There is a story behind it. I lost my original engagement ring and I didn’t want to upgrade, but James somehow started making ceramics and upgraded it, which is awesome! My husband bought me a taffin bracelet when my daughter was born. I like classic things like Cartier nail bracelets, but I like things that are made just for me. The bracelet has my husband’s “I love you” message engraved in Spanish and it’s special every time I look at it. I recently had to send it in for repairs and I find it weird not wearing it.

Tell me about your everyday jewelry?

Honestly, I don’t often change things. I don’t wear an engagement ring every day, but I have 2 mish rings, one with brown diamonds and one with plain diamonds. When we moved to Mexico, I wore a band that my husband made with James Taffin. I’ve been wearing a Swarovski necklace with a triangular diamond in it, but it’s not a real diamond. Even though everyone was like, “Whoa, is that Harry Winston’s diamond necklace?!” I did have more than 974 Switch between this Kimberley McDonald necklace year and this Marlo Laz Good Luck Necklace. These are my top picks.

Amina Muaddi Silver Crystal Necklace

Marlo Laz Mini Porte Bonheur Coin Necklace

Who is your jewelry idol?

Okay, there are a few. Maria Felix is ​​one of Mexico’s most famous icons and actresses. Cartier has made her some of their most incredible pieces, like baby crocodiles. Lady Carolina Herrera has the most amazing pieces. When I saw her the other day, she was absolutely stunning in these striking earrings from Taffin. Another woman I think has the best overall style is Anita Borzyszkowska (she’s a creative strategist and brand director). She is the most low-key person, but has the most beautiful jewelry collection! She has the perfect watch, perfect everything.

Former French Vogue Editor-in-Chief Emmanuel Alt also has the most gorgeous jewelry. Designer Marie-Helene De Taillac is another icon who wears colored stones in the most sophisticated way. I love the way Tabitha Simmons designs jewelry, and her personal jewelry is also great. Jana Pasquel de Shapiro from Munnu Gem Palace; she wears the most incredible Indian jewelry. That was the first time I saw Golconda jewelry – those conda diamonds that are so famous and so rare!



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