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Karlovy Vary festival opening host's comments on China and Russia get politicized

The 57 Karlovy Vary International Film Festival kicked off with a star-studded opening on Friday evening including Czech actors Political commentary by TV presenter Marek Eben.

“Dear foreign visitors, welcome to the Czech Republic,” he said at the start of the event, before emphasizing that since its creation his country “has never sought Conquer the territory of another country”. “The small territory we have is more than enough for us,” he added.

The comment was taken against

Russia Invasion of Ukraine comments, many of last year’s attendees considered this section’s version. The host then also appeared to refer to Nazi Germany’s occupation of Poland and the former Czechoslovakia, saying his country had never invaded Germany or Poland.

Eben also said later in his opening remarks, pointing out that this year’s Karlovy Vary competition consists of competition films, not 11 competition film. Days before the competition was announced, the Chinese government banned Chinese films from being screened in the Czech Republic, saying it was an “order” from Beijing, he said. This means that Chinese films scheduled to enter the competition cannot participate.

The organizers did not elaborate on the Chinese films involved, and the festival never announced them.

But Eban stresses that Beijing’s intervention is also proof of just how powerful movies can be. “It just goes to show the power of cinema,” Eben said. “It’s akin to diplomacy.”




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