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Karrion Kross defeats Drew McIntyre in a sling match at WWE Extreme Rules 2022

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exist In his first major fight since his return to WWE, Karion Cross defeated Drew McIntyre in Saturday’s Extreme Rules bout.


@DMcIntyreWWE , @realKILLERkross is your winner! #ExtremeRules

Cross got a big help from Scarlett, who pepper sprayed McIntyre’s eyes. This allowed the Doomsday Herald to deliver the forearm, thus winning. After her release from WWE in November 2021, Cross Scarlett at SmackDown on August 5th The show makes an unexpected comeback. Cross brutally attacked McIntyre from behind, and Scarlett left an hourglass in the ring, suggesting to undisputed WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns that he was his target.

In the weeks following his return, Cross launched numerous sneak attacks on McIntyre, and on September 3rd The Scot was distracted in the title race against Reigns.

The Scottish Warriors finally got tired of Cross’ antics and decided to attach themselves to the latest episode of SmackDown by thwarting attacks To his opponent to take matters into his own hands

McIntyre took the fight to the Harbinger of Doom, leaving him curled up in corner, but Scarlett intervened between them and prevented the former WWE Champion from doing further damage. When McIntyre tried to push her aside to reach Cross, she shot a fireball In his face, this allowed Cross to act antage and strangle the Scots again. After that exchange, the belt race between McIntyre and Kross was officially used for extreme rules, which Means the Scottish Warriors finally have a chance to catch his opponent for a long time.

Most of the losses what Cross has done to McIntyre over the past two months is the result of catching him off guard, but McIntyre Ernest hopes to mitigate this with regulations.

Cross and McIntyre are two of the toughest and toughest rivals in WWE, with The straps tying them together ensured it would be a vicious physical incident.

In the end, Kroos got his first big win in WWE’s second fight, even though he and McIntyre The rivalry may not be over, but he could soon be in the running for the title with Reigns.

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