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Kate Bosworth Revisits 'Blue Crush' Style With New Roxy Capsule Collection

Highlights include a versatile striped one-piece swimsuit she says can go anywhere, “from Oahu to the Hamptons,” as well as a great pair of cargo pants and several oversized, Super soft sweatshirt perfect for layering with bikini bottoms and flip flops. “That’s very North Shore way,” Bosworth confirmed.

This is how girls want to dress right now too – those who really surf or just crave surfing. “There’s a dress in the collection with a square neck that’s a bit skinny—it’s so cute,” said Izzi Gomez, one of Roxy’s pro surfers who collaborated with Bosworth on the collection’s campaign, which It was filmed on Oahu. “We always miss what happened 20 years ago,” Matheson added, why Blue Crush ) Style is back. “At 80 I am addicted to late-’20s, early-’80 fashion.”

This affinity is probably my personal favorite of the movie One of her fashion moments: Annemarie’s low-waisted skirt, the strappy jeans she wore over a bikini after breaking her surfboard and rejecting Matthew Davis’ initial request for surf lessons. “Henry Duarte on Sunset Blvd is known for making lace-up rock pants by Lenny Kravitz and Axl Rose. I couldn’t afford Henry’s jeans,” says Matheson, “but I was at the Hippie Jeans factory in downtown Los Angeles and found out they were going to be in the 9 Moon produces tie-front jeans for women 2002, so as soon as they make them, I ask them to ship them to me in Hawaii.”

Matheson’s other scores ripped from the design floor? Bosworth wore a black spring 2002 Armani deep V racer-back dress to the football players’ banquet before submerging himself in the ocean and delivering the film’s defining line One: “I want a girl to be on the cover of surf magazine , if that girl were me it would be great, but any girl will do.” She A ribbed lilac racer-back crop top from ’s new collection is equally desirable.

Kate Bosworth x Roxy collection will be available starting in May





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