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Kate Hudson recalls losing 'Moulin Rouge!' role: 'I really wanted that part'

Kate Hudson opens up about escape character.

The world’s first podcast at Thursday, the actress was asked which role she auditioned for but didn’t get what she really wanted, to which Hudson revealed it was Baz Luhrmann The 2001 movie Moulin Rouge !

“I really wanted that part, it was for a year old girl wrote it, I believe,” she said.

“Then what happened was I was in the audition process and then Nicole [Kidman] was in a relationship with Buzz and wanted to do it. So of course, it was like, ‘I guess Nicole Kidman is doing it This thing,'” she added.

Hudson recalled that the audition process was “hardcore” and that she “literally fell in love” with Luhrmann after the audition.

“He’s amazing. I just feel so connected to the way he does things, with all the energy,” she said. “So I was devastated. Of course, totally got it because it was Nicole. It couldn’t have been more different…I really wanted that part.”

Harder Mori was later asked if there were roles she gave up at the time that she later regretted, but the actress explained why she didn’t have any roles to pin down.

“I try not to think about things like that,” she explained. “You know how that thing is, ‘Oh, one decision can change the trajectory of your life?’ I never want to think that way.”

Kidman stars in Moulin Rouge gangsters! Starring Satine alongside Ewan McGregor, who played her character’s romantic interest and poet Christy install. The movie goes on Worldwide Box Office 180 Million Dollars, was nominated for eight Oscars at the 20 Academy Awards, including Kidman’s Best Film and Best Actress. The film won two Oscars for Best Costume Design and Best Art Direction.

Movie celebrates its 23 Anniversary of at 2001. Kidman paid tribute to the film on her social media at the time. “Some of my favorite memories from #MoulinRouge! The greatest thing you’ll ever learn is to love and be loved in return,” Kidman wrote at the time in her post, which included set photos and promotional images .



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