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Katie Couric battles eating disorders, the toxic effects of food culture and remaking New Year's resolutions

What role did social media play in all of this? It has been reported to have a negative impact on body image, especially in young women. Unlike magazines, which are our main source of information and images, the flow of information is now more constant than ever.

Couric: This one is hard (hard. Social media’s impact on our self-perception It’s everywhere. I’ve seen women on Instagram and I’m pretty sure they’re all taking Hollywood [drug] Ozempic because their weight loss in a short amount of time is amazing. I’m fast66 years old, so I feel like I have enough life experience that I can observe it all without letting it seep into my psyche. But it’s really hard for a lot of young women, and watching The pressure to look a certain way and weigh a certain weight is really powerful and very damaging. I think we have to give young women coping skills to not be defined by all these images that come up every day, or even hour.

Erin, do you have any strategies or tools you would recommend for navigating the social media landscape?

Parks: This is redundant, but I always go back with people to how they want to feel: When you’re on Instagram you want How do you want to feel, how do you want to feel when you’re away from it? If you’re exhausted and want to take a break and roll on the couch, you want to feel calm, relaxed, not overwhelmed. Now, if when you leave Instagram, you feel ashamed, unattractive or unworthy, then there is a problem. There is a lot of great content out there, so I suggest people use their social media consciously: think what you want Want the feeling, then curate your feed around it.

Sometimes we hear language from the health industry like detoxing , it feels like it could actually have a toxic effect, esp when it comes to diet and body image.

Parks: From food culture to health The industry, really at its core is thinking that if I do things right, then I can prevent bad things from happening to me. I think the health industry could use a marketing trick that really feeds that desire to make us think when we really don’t have that much We can control things when we are in control.



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