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Kazu Inabe, Ikumi Fukuda's Kiryū Keisatsu Manga is listed as volume 4 final

Kazu Inabe and Ikumi Fukuda’s Special Investigator Kalong (Kiryū Keisatsu) The manga lists the series as the end of the fourth volume. Both volumes 3 and 4 of the manga will be released in January .

Inabe and Fukuda have launched a manga in Kodansha of

December2019 As an adaptation of Ryōe Tsukimura’s award-winning novel series. Kodansha released the second volume of the manga in December 2021. The comic takes place in a time of growing terrorism and ethnic conflict, organized crime Armed world. Weapons are spreading around the world. Junichiro Okitsu is a former foreign affairs officer who runs a special unit within the Tokyo police. He hired two mercenaries, so he was considered a traitor by the other police. His department fights brutal criminals. Inabe, Yuu Kuraishi, and Kuu Tanaka’s Denjin N ( Electric Man N ) comic ends in September 2020. The collection was launched on Kodansha‘s app in April

. Kodansha USA Publishing is publishing by Inabe and Kuraishi Digital comics. Fukuda previously drew Yoshiki Tanaka’s manga adaptation novel of (), published in Kodansha of April , and Ends with volume five in 2020. Source: Amazon listing for Kiryū Keisatsu volume 4




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