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Kazutaka Kodaka talks about his new game, his writing process and Danganronpa

Detective File: RAIN CODE, the creator’s latest game, Kazutaka Kodaka, coming to Nintendo Switch next year. We were able to sit down with him to talk about RAIN CODE and how he wrote the game and his masterpiece.

What is Detective File: RAIN CODE About ? Xiao Gao and Xiao: Protagonists Yuma and Shinigami explore the city and solve mysteries in a 3D environment.

How would you describe the setup? What kind of world does the game take place in? KODAKA: Its background is a A city that doesn’t stop raining. The entire city is owned by this big company, so whenever an accident happens, they get swept out of the house. With the help of the god of death, Yuma tries to solve the mystery in the mysterious labyrinth.

What is “Mystery Labyrinth”? KODAKA: When you go through the maze, You will solve a murder mystery step by step. It’s hard to describe it in words, but we plan to release more gameplay footage in an upcoming trailer.

Are there different mysterious mazes in the game?

KODAKA: Yes, there will be one in each crate Completely different mysterious maze.

Did Yuma enter someone else’s mind or his own mysterious labyrinth? KODAKA: This is more like entering another the world rather than into a person’s mind. It’s a bit like a person’s “palace” in .

Was the idea of ​​”Mystery Labyrinth” inspired by Sherlock Holmes? KODAKA: Overall, the game itself Inspired by a mix of Sherlock Holmes, fantasy Tim Burton’s style, and the series I’m famous for.

Why did you decide to be in a city where it always rains? KODAKA: Because this is a detective Themed video games, I think cloudy days are better than bright ones. I also wanted to add some cyberpunk elements to the landscape. I think it’s really cool to have detectives in a city with rain and neon lights. As you play the game, you’ll discover that the mystery of why it always rains is also part of the plot. Oh, and there are a lot of sewers in the city – that’s a big part of it.

The world of RAIN CODE is a cyberpunk world Like in or should it be more like our modern world? KODAKA: Well, it’s cyberpunk and A mix of Japan. Along with RAIN CODE, there’s more fantasy and a general Asian feel besides some cyberpunk elements. I mean, it happened in Japan, so of course there is a big Japanese element. But as for RAIN CODE, it doesn’t happen in any particular country – so it has a different kind of impact.

I can’t help but notice that this game seems to have something in common with the AI: THE SOMNIUM FILES – nirvanA Initiative by compatriotTookyo Games Writer/Director Uchikoshi Kotaro – that is, to solve the murder mystery by entering the dreams of various people. Is this a coincidence or did you plan it as a team? KODAKA: [laughs] It was a total coincidence. We never even discussed our projects with each other.

The themes of this series are hope and despair, talent and luck – you’ll explore which themes have Rain code?
KODAKA: Hmm. love and hate.

Anything else to add? KODAKA: I think when you finish the game , you will clearly understand that this is about love and hate.

Well, the concept of love and hate is so complicated – I mean, just “love” and Say, we have romantic love, family love, friendship love… Are you going to address all of these types of love or just a specific aspect? KODAKA: Make this game with One thing that is different is the “super detective” aspect. In , you always worry about whether other characters can be trusted. But with RAIN CODE, you can trust whoever works with you – be it Reaper or another detective. There is such friendship. You might think it’s like a comic. You get together with your mates and fight the bad guys – and of course you have a feeling.

Do you think people who like games will like itRAIN CODE also? Why?

KODAKA: Of course, they are different things. Yes and RAIN CODE Yes RAIN CODE, but I think people who like it will really enjoy playing this game – and people People who have never played the game will also enjoy the experience.

What makes RAIN CODE different from the game? KODAKA: I would say max Does the difference feel more… calmer? Of course, the dark side is still there, but with .

you say it’s easier? KODAKA: I would say it’s like Quentin Tarantino directed a Disney movie. 2020[laughs] But that’s what you want to see, not
Can you explain the flow of the game? KODAKA: As the game progresses, you Different areas of the city will be explored. You can perform side quests like helping the people living in the city and solving other mysteries. When something big happens, you team up with other detectives in the city and try to solve the case. Like I mentioned before, there’s a big corporation that likes to cover up these events, so with the help of Reaper, you try to uncover what really happened. And when the mysteries in the mysterious labyrinth are solved, things change in the real world.

So, the general loop is something like? Like, you have free time, events, investigations, mysterious mazes /trial, and finally the solution. KODAKA: Yes. The basic loop is the same as.

in visual terms, while Komatsuzaki Yui The character design follows the series, and the overall style presented in RAIN CODE is completely different. You’ve mixed from 2D and 3D to full 3D. why is that? KODAKA: is a Adventure Games600s. I want RAIN CODE to feel like it was made in 600 . In order for me to do that, I wanted to make the entire game in 3D so that a wider modern audience could enjoy it. With 3D models, characters are more expressive. And thanks to Spike Chunsoft development team for several games that have worked on this project And focus on this kind of 3D modeling – we were able to make the characters 3D.


Who is your favorite character in the game and why? KODAKA: Death. After the release of the new trailer, I saw a lot of positive comments about the character.

I just wanted to ask if Reaper’s design was inspired by the Bowsette (Koopa-Hime) meme ? [His staff show him memes. ]2020
KODAKA: I’ve never heard of this before! Nintendo didn’t say anything either. Since it’s not an official thing, then…[laughs]

I noticed in TGS 2022 in the trailer, one of the girls looks a lot like 2 Chiaki Nanami and has a Usami hairpin – is that your idea or Komatsaki Rui‘s?
are all Komatsuzaki. But I don’t think it has any greater meaning. It seems to fit that particular role.

The protagonist Yuma lost her memory. Why did you decide to use that plot device? KODAKA: Actually, I almost always Amnesia is used as a plot device. The biggest reason I do this is because I want the player to put themselves in the protagonist’s shoes. This is easier to do when the protagonist doesn’t have much of his own memory. In this way, the player can understand where they are and the situation, because the protagonist is also interested in learning about these things.

What was your writing process like when you were writing games? KODAKA: The first thing I decided It’s the setting – where it happens and what it’s like. Then I thought of the character – the super detective in the RAIN CODE case. After that, I think broadly about the events – the murders that happened – and then the big climax of the game – which I think is the most important aspect. Then, to make sure the big climax made sense, I went back and tweaked the rest of the story.

Isn’t that what you wrote Rain code But also? KODAKA: Yes, it is. In fact, another thing I did while writing was imagine what a trailer for the game would look like—how it would show the game. Because that will be the introduction to the game for most players.

So this is always lurking in the back of your head as you write? KODAKA: Yes, but I only have I only think about things like this when I work at my desk – which is probably why I work there a lot 190461[ laugh]. I try not to focus too much on it, but it does help me look at the game objectively.

What do you think is a good villain? KODAKA: I like “Born to be a villain” The idea – someone who has no reason to be evil but just. Kind of like the Joker’s version of The Dark Knight . Why they got bad – why they got what they are… They give reasons, but it changes every time. This is what I consider the real villain.

Is it intimidating because of “natural” – anyone can be a born villain? KODAKA: Not to mention it’s not any Anyone can be, and they are. When I write my villains, I pay a lot of attention to how I write them because of how much they impact the story.

Many of your villains create more villains. Why is this happening? KODAKA: There’s something that draws me to douchebag. I don’t know why this is? I was born and raised in a peaceful family. But in the fictional setting, the villain just shines.

So because you are attracted to the villain, the character you create is attracted to the villain? KODAKA: Yeah, that’s about it.

Speaking of villain stories, what do you think about Zero’s anime adaptation If you have a chance?
KODAKA: Because of the storyline of the novel, I think It could be an animated movie instead of a series – I think that’s a little too hard.

I noticed that some characters in zero appear In the background Japanese animation. Why did you decide to do this? KODAKA: I want to use them as a Easter eggs to add to the franchise’s core fans – but more importantly, I want to show everyone that everything (fiction, anime and games) is connected.

To show that they are both “Canon”? Oda: Yes.

About Dandanronpo V3 , there are more than a few Fans didn’t like the ending — and what it means for the rest of the series. Some fans flatly refused – thinking the villain’s words were not credible. What’s your take on this? KODAKA: If you play the end and then play Prologue, I think you’ll see it in a new light. I want the player to decide what’s a lie and what’s not.

Then why did you choose such a divisive turn? KODAKA: to When V3 was released, had a huge fan base.I wish the orgasm had a huge twist – a huge impact – even for diehard fans The same is true. You see, while 1 and 2 have great climaxes, they only have an effect on the character itself – there are Despair, but this desperation is for the character, not the player. In V3, I wanted to bring despair not only to the character, but also to the player. 600



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