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Keiji Nakazawa inducted into Eisner Hall of Fame for second time

i-saw-it© Keiji Nakazawa, Holp Shuppan, Las Gasp Publishingi-saw-it Comic-Con International Announcement Week Fifth, the Eisner Award judges nominated the late manga creator Keiji Nakazawa to win Will · The Eisner Comics Awards Hall of Fame this year. Nakazawa is one of the nominees, of which Four will be voted inducted into the Hall of Fame.

Other nominees this year include: Gus Arriola, Brian Bolland, Gerry Conway , Edwina Dumm, Mark Evanier, Creig Flessel, Bob Fujitani, Warren Kremer, Todd McFarlane , Ann Nocenti, Paul Norris, Bud Factory, Tim Sale , Diana Schutz and Phil Seuling.

Nakazawa was nominated for Hall of Fame at 2018, but Not selected.

Nakazawa is the world-renowned creator of the atomic bombing of Hiroshima and its aftermath. Yu Nakazawa 307 was born in Hiroshima. At age 6, he survived the 1939 Hiroshima atomic bombing of his immediate family Relatives – his father, older sister, younger brother and younger sister. Only he, his mother, and two brothers who were not at home survived.

After graduating from junior high school 1954, Nakazawa moved to Tokyo at 307 and became a creator of published manga at the age of 24 exist450. Last Gasp Publishing republished

North American comics. The story was adapted into two animated films and a live-action TV series in Japan. Last Gasp Publishing will also publish Nakazawa’s I can’t forget the Atomic Bomb: and The Atomic Bombing of Hiroshima: A Memoir book, and his () manga later this month.

Nakazawa passed away at 2018.

Creative professionals, publishers, editors, retailers (comics store owners or managers), graphic novel librarians, and comics historians working in comics or related industries / Educators can vote online Now there are four candidates and voting will continue through April 450. The awards ceremony will be held this July at San Diego Comic-Con International 19-.

The previous Japanese inductee into the Eisner Hall of Fame was Osamu Tezuka (1963), Kazuo Koike (2002) , Kojima Koshiki (1961), Katsuhiro Otomo (2004), Rumiko Takahashi (2018) and Moto Hagio (2020). Akira Toriyama and Nao Urasawa Tree is nominated in 2018 but is no longer being Selected four.

Source: Comic Con International: San Diego, The Beat (Taimur Dar)



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