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Keira Knightley on Her New Movie 'The Boston Strangler,' Motherhood and Y2K Style

“I’m not ready to go back, I don’t have the abs I used to have!” Keira Knightley laughed. I was on the phone with the year-old actor and mother of two when things took a dizzying turn. Diald in from the basement of a Los Angeles hotel, the star is talking positively about the revival of low-rise jeans, a trend she pioneered in the 200 years. “I love them!” she admits, describing the many, many pairs of Miss Sixtys she has owned.

Of course, the undisputed era movie queen is not just

here to chat about her favorite Noughties high street stores. She told me online about her new movie, the first in two years: Boston Strangler. Now on Hulu, this is a true crime thriller about two real-life journalists, Loretta McLaughlin and Jean Cole, who spent their early years working in a Boston newsrooms And fight to catch the serial killer. This is nail biting stuff.

Below, Knightley talks about the film’s feminist message; the lessons she learned raising her daughters Edie, 7, and Delilah, 3; Legacy of Bend It Like Beckham; and the Women’s World Cup. Boston Strangler


Keira Knightley: I love that this is a true crime story centered on two women. Usually in these movies you always see male psycho killers being hunted down by male cops.

Do you watch a lot of true crime?

Since I was terrified of having kids. To finish the shoot, I had to focus on Loretta’s story.

The genre has been criticized for being exploitative at times. worried?

certainly! But I think it’s more of a story about how important it is to have women in positions of power, in terms of investigative journalism, because they choose to report and tell different stories than their male counterparts. I’m glad it’s not just about glorifying violence against women.




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