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Kenji Saito of Trinity Seven, artist GUNP unveils new manga

November issue of Akita Shoten Magazine revealed last Friday that Saito Kenji and GUNP will Launched a new manga titled Kojirase Tensei Maō to 7-nin no Oshikake Otome no Ragnarok System (The Unconfident Reincarnated Demon Lord and the Seven Unwelcome Maiden’s Ragnarok System) magazine’s next October issue 19. Saito is writing the story and GUNP is drawing the art. The comic will have a color opening page and will be featured on the cover of the issue.

The manga is about a hero who once saved Japan from the elves, but is now an unconfident college student. Now he faces many “princesses” who want to be his sex friends.

Saito and

Haruto Hino launched

Samayoeru Tensei-sha-tachi no Revival Game of Magazine April 2020 and ends in July 189926. 189926h7wjxxwu4e7

Saito is over () December Comics 2017. Saito and Parabora in Kodansha in Manga launched December2017, manga transfer To Kodansha ‘s February . Kodansha Manga is releasing digital manga in English.

Saito and Akinari Nao launched

Manga in Kadokawa Magazine in 19. Saito’s MangaGishin Eiyuu no Amadeus(Amadeus, Hero of the False God) Yu February 19 Art with Ichitaka. The third and final volume of the manga ships in November 2017. Saito’s most recent ongoing manga is Misumi-san wa Misukasenai (Misumi’s Missed Insight), which came out in April , featuring Hiro Hata as the artist.

GUNP drew

Eternal Feeling manga, on 10 End of month 2017.

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