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Kenneth Branagh battles supernatural forces in 'Haunted Venice' trailer

Kenneth Branagh returns as Detective Hercule Poirot, tackling the creepy paranormal after first full seance goes wrong Mystery The Haunted Venice

trailer was released Wednesday.

Branagh is directing and starring in his third series based on the Agatha Christie novel. Set in post-World War II Venice, a retired Poirot is summoned by an old friend (played by

Tina Fey ) to join the God will, see if there is psychic ability. ( Michelle Yeoh ) is fake.

When a seance guest is murdered in a decaying, haunted Venetian palace, Poirot steps in to find the killer, only to face a world full of supernatural shadows and secrets world. “Somebody’s dead. No one can leave this place until I know who did it,” the former detective told the seance participants, who are now believed to be the murder mystery the famous detective is determined to solve of suspects.

Jamie Dornan, Jude Hill, Kelly Reilly, Emma Laird, Kyle Allen, Camille Curtin , Ali Khan and Ricardo Scamasio round out the cast of . Haunted Venice


13 Century Studios . This feature is inspired by Christie’s novel Halloween party .

The story of that novel was witnessed by a 13 year-old girl committed a murder and was found dead in a bathtub shaken by apples. Michael Green wrote the feature film screenplay, Branagh, Judy Hoflund, Ridley Scott and Simon Kinberg produce, Louis Keeling, James Pritchar De and Mark Gordon serve as executive producers.

“The Haunting of Venice”

will be released in theaters in September .

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