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Kenny Pickett impresses NFL Twitter with Steelers vs. Lions

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Strong proof that Kenny Pickett continues to be the starting quarterback for the Pittsburgh Steelers this season. The rookie played the entire third quarter and part of Sunday as Pittsburgh beat the Detroit Bears 19-9 The Lions went 10-of-14 for 90 yards in the fourth quarter of the preseason finale. He didn’t turn the ball over or get fired, leading the Steelers on one drive that resulted in a shot and another that resulted in a miss.

He also spun some absolute gems:

B/R [email protected]

Kenny Pickett tossing a coin

(via @NFL a> )

While Pickett and Pittsburgh’s backup didn’t find the end zone, it was another impressive performance from the young quarterback, no less People raved about him on Twitter:

Daniel Valente @StatsGuyDaniel

Kenny Pickett touted as in the draft The most prepared QB prospect. As it turns out, he fits perfectly with the Steelers center hype this preseason.

Michael Beck @MichaelBeck56

Pickett just makes smart games with quick decisions

Accurate and strong arm…love it very much

Jonathan Heitritt@J_Heits

I thought Trubisky looked good in the first half, but no matter who he was with in all three games Together, Picketts are all done 🤷‍♂️ I take a break 💯 #Steelers #HereWeGo


Yes, Kenny Pickett could be NFL A baby who still has a lot to learn, but is an already walking baby, knows his ABCs and basic numbers, and is currently learning another language. Some babies are just more advanced 🤷🏻‍♀️ Mike Nicastro @MikedUpSports1

Well, I sold it on Kenny Pickett.

Even his mistakes were good mistakes.

Like Stephen Curry.

Zach Celedonia @ZeFlashNFL

Okay, cool 9 minutes left in preseason, I’m going to start getting Kenny Pickett out of what I’ve seen from training and camp. I have 100% confidence in this decision and don’t think Mickey is good enough to start in any way. Pickett now gives this team a better chance as a rookie

Adam [email protected]

I mean y’all tell me who’s pitching is more impressive in this game. I’m going to Pickett.

Mike Tomlin going into the season is going to be a tough call. Mitch Trubisky did nothing to lose Sunday’s starting spot, going 15-of-19 for 160 yards with a touchdown and two sacks. He led the Steelers in four points and a 16-0 halftime lead.

So far, the general feeling has been that Trubisky will start the season as a starter — Of course, the fact that he played the first half with Pittsburgh’s starters on Sunday supports that belief — but it’s clear that Pickett’s impressive preseason has allowed him to progress. Mark Kaboly @MarkKaboly

If you have any doubts about who will be the Steelers QB this season, the first half pretty much fixes that. Trubisky played the entire half, a 92-yard 2-minute drive from the end of the half.

Unlike some quarterback games in the league, which show teams don’t have a solid option, the Steelers’ quarterback battle is a good thing. Trubisky emerged as a free agent in the offseason, ostensibly as a bridge option between retired Ben Roethlisberger and a younger player like Pickett, and he’s shown enough to show that he would be a worthy candidate.

Pickett, the team’s first-round pick, looks ready for an NFL offense. It looked like he was ahead of schedule, and of course, against the Lions, he again looked ready for the big stage.

Frankly, the Steelers probably have a bigger problem with the one responsible for protecting Trubisky or Pickett Five players:

Doug Farrar ✍ @NFL_DougFarrar

The Steelers have a great quarterback problem, and an absolutely terrible offensive line problem.

Luckily they avoided a major scare on Sunday after the superstar charge TJ Watt and top perimeter Diontae Johnson left the game with minor injuries :


” Mike Tomlin said: ‘Look, if it’s a regular season, we’re probably going to see those guys in this game.’ So there are no long-term concerns for either player at the moment.”

@EvanWashburn on Diontae Johnson & TJ Watt injured

All in all, the Steelers’ final preseason game was solid. Now, Tomlin is tasked with making the big decision as to which player will attack this season. Trubisky may still be the front-runner, but many believe Pickett is ready to take responsibility.



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