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Kenshirō ni Yoroshiku manga resume by Jasmine Gyuh

kenshirou© Jasmine Gyuh, Kodansha this year’s Kodansha of on April That Jasmine Gyuh‘s Kenshirō ni Yoroshiku (Say Hello to Kenshiro) manga Will restore in 24st and

April issue 22.

Manga debuted in March 400, but was discontinued in September 2015. Kodansha will publish the sixth volume in June 2019.

“Love, Revenge, and Feeling Good” is a story about a young man who vows revenge on the underworld. Study the technique of “Assassination Boxing” with all your strength and become an adult. But this martial arts genius realizes that his technique can’t actually be used to kill anyone.

This comic has inspired a live action web series

to be aired on DMM TV later this year. Bakarhythm is writing a show.

Gyuh released the comic In March2015, and ends the series in September 2018. Kodansha released the first and last volume for January 2018 . Kodansha USA Publishing Manga released in digital form in English.

Manga Inspired – TV anime adaptation series premiering in Japan in July 2018. Netflix starts streaming animation in December22. A live-action film adaptation of the manga was released in Japan in February 2018.

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