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Kevin Bacon reacts to daughter Socie Bacon's 'smile' success: 'We have a horror tradition in our family'

If you can’t beat them, the old adage is to join them. In the case of Kevin Bacon this means accepting the fact that six degrees of Kevin Bacon – the party game requires you to be in six Every known actor is associated with Bacon in movies or less – never going away. So he embraced the phenomenon and founded 2007, a charitable organization whose efforts to fight hunger have been influenced by honors at the Harry Chapin Humanitarian Award (named after the “Cat in the Cradle” songwriter) in New York City on November 1.

Speaking of joining them, Bacon’s daughter, Sosie Bacon – she starred in Paramount Creepy hit Smile – now she’s heading towards joining her dad The road to become a horror movie icon. (You may recall that Dad has starred in many classic horror movies dating back to 1980 of Friday th.)

The Hollywood Reporter interviewed Bacon 1980 about his charity work, his daughter The climb and the Bologna sandwich that Jason served him on his first outing.

Thank you for taking the time with me. I know you’re busy shooting stuff right now

I’m doing Beverly Mountain Villa Police 4 , which is great. It’s fun and I’m happy to be a part of it

Have you met Eddie Murphy or worked with him before this?

This is the first time. So that’s exciting for me. very good.

1980 If I may ask, what are you playing in there?

I think I should keep this Status is low.

Those movies were my whole childhood.

I tell you, man, every time I bring this up to someone, their face Will show bright smiles.

Yes, that’s pretty big. But then free as well. You were also a big part of my childhood, so of course you deserve a ride with Axel Foley.

( Laugh. ) Thank you. thanks.

Congratulations for your work on Can you tell me? is an organization I started a few years ago. I kinda look at Six Degrees Kevin Bacon game. As stupid as it is, it doesn’t seem to go away. It just has this hang time. So I decided to take that concept and figure out a way to give back to it.

We have put together a benefit during lockdown and the two organisations we are involved with are WhyHunger and the NAACP Legal Defense Fund. WhyHunger is a great organization. They were founded by singer-songwriter Harry Chapin, an amazing guy. He died tragically. But before he did, he spent a lot of time giving back to the community. More specifically, about hunger. So we are very happy to receive this award. This is a huge honor.

1980 What else in the world of Kevin Bacon? How is your wife 1980 Kyra Sedgwick ?

A few years ago – in my Encouraged and annoyed by her – she decides it’s time to direct. And her first film, a film called A Girl’s Tale , earned her a DGA nomination.

She is a very, very good director. She now directs many different TV shows such as Grace and Frankie and City on a Hill , which is one of my shows on Showtime. Last summer, [she directed me in a movie called Space Oddity. It was released at the Cannes Film Festival. We are very excited about it.


Do you like being directed by her?

There’s an outdated idea of, “Oh, what is that? What will your wife tell you to do?” When I hear people react this way, I’m like, “Are we still in the ’50 era?” I mean, come on Bar. We have a shorthand that works very well for what we do. I am always happy to work with her.

And there is another person in the family who is very powerful now. Your daughter starred in Smile and spent three weeks in #1.

Yes. She is great in the movie. She is amazing. We don’t know if she was really interested in pursuing any kind of acting career after that. But when she finally decided in her early days that this was what she wanted to do, she dropped out of college And moved to LA and really started doing all the right things. Tap on the sidewalk, take one selfie after another, and learn.

When she got the role [in Smile], even knowing how hard she worked, knew her Well, I was really taken aback when I saw the movie, not only how awesome she was, but how hard the character was because it was one of those parts that didn’t take a break. Usually, you start out with characters at least minutes or were happy on minutes before it all got scary. But that was a movie with a stress level [crazy]. I am very proud of her.

You were also in a high-concept horror movie recently—they/ They , it sounds funny and provocative. It’s funny that you are both in the same type of work.

In a strange way, we have our family’s horror tradition. One of my earliest films was FirstFridayNumber .

certainly. amazing.

I echo and Hollow Man . pan . I continue to go back to terror.

Tremor .

Tremor , yes. Yes. Our family is sure to love it. I want to know what it is, specifically. I think for an actor, you’re looking for something with high stakes — that’s what horror gives you. This is always going to be a radical life-or-death situation.

When you are in th 13th Friday, do you know what’s going to happen next from that movie?

Do not. Absolutely not. I did Animal House, I also did some soap operas. I was actually watching a soap opera and I was filming Friday 13 Section . I did a lot of plays in New York. I chose to live in New York, which was really not a hotbed for film and TV production at that time. There really isn’t that much happening.

and Friday15th Kind of like the definition of a low budget indie game. It’s made in vain. I was in Blairstown, NJ. I used to have to take a public bus to the bus stop in the middle of a country road and people on set would drive out to pick me up. I mean, that’s the closest they get to any transportation.

Literally I remember we would take a break for lunch and they would bring out bologna and cheese slices white bread and french mustard and that was our lunch.

You get better food in prison.

Yes. I didn’t watch it, “Wow, this is going to be a horror masterpiece.” And I didn’t know it was going to be on Friday th s They are done.

Too much. But the first one has something you can’t beat. Well Kevin, thank you very much. I’m very excited about Beverly Hills Cop 4 . I want you to put bananas in people’s exhaust pipes


(laughs.) Right.

Interview edited for length and clarity.




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