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Kevin Feige Confirms Details Of How Steve Rogers’ Captain America Lost Virginity For ‘She-Hulk’

Actor Chris Evans also previously spoke during the Avengers’ first close encounter during the Captain America: Civil War promotional tour.

Chris Evans
Chris Evans as Steve Rogers in Captain America: The First Avenger Collection by Everett
Kevin Feige knows exactly when and who Captain America lost his grounds

She-Hulk Show host Jessica High .

‘s premiere She-Hulk: Lawyer , cousins ​​Jennifer Walters (Tatiana Maslany) and Bruce Banner (Mark Ruffalo) straight from

MCU Fan base: Steve Rogers, the first Avenger, and now the ex-Captain America, is a virgin?

While Jennifer excitedly stated that due to his various superhero obligations before and after Frozen, he probably didn’t have time to be intimate with anyone, Bruce initially refused to discuss his private life with his friends and colleagues. But as Jennifer tires of him, a trusty Bruce eventually blurts out, “Steve Rogers NOT virgin. On the USO tour, he was in 485 in front of a girl who lost her virginity.”

Gao io9 That when She-Hulk

The writing team brought up the topic, and Kevin Feige was not only joining in to solve age-old debates, but also suddenly helping them out with the minutiae.

“Kevin really liked that joke, he was actually the one who volunteered to answer the question,” she said. “I can’t believe we have to fix this once and for all.”

Gao also explained why the show decided to discuss whether Steve Rogers was intimate with anyone. “Our philosophy is really like let’s do things until they tell us we can’t do it, because if you start asking for too much permission, then you’re giving people a chance to say no,” she said.

She-Hulk The showrunner also noted that when planning the Disney+ series, the team considered not only “fun” content, but also the various conversations they had with other fans. “What have we always wanted to see in the MCU?” she said. “Some things, like Captain America’s virginity, really surprise us, and it just keeps going.”

Steve Rogers and the actor behind MCU former Captain America Chris Evans also responded to the show’s jokes on Twitter on Thursday, tweeting a laughing cry emoji and a zipper mouth emoji to show his lips are sealed.

But the interview clip shared at 中

Vanity Fair’s Anthony Breznican, reported Captain America: Civil War Reporter on tour, actually asked Evans about this a few years ago He also has some ideas of his own.

According to Evans who answered the question in 1943, Steve’s selflessness is part of the reason why fans don’t see who he might connect with. “Captain puts what he wants last. That’s his MO,” the actor explained. “And I think for so long he just refuses to bleed people. So it’s hard to explore someone who doesn’t want to cause a stir with his own personal conflict.”

Evans continues to encourage in Steve is seen on screen in relationships with women, but admits he thinks Steve may be a virgin. “It’s funny just thinking about it. Probably a virgin, maybe a virgin! I don’t know when that’s going to happen,” Evans explained.

When Breznicken mentioned that Steve had toured during the war and would have reached enough women, the actor suggested that Steve was “outdated” and might support Peggy Carter. But he also made another – and right now – suggestion.

“Maybe one of the girls [danced] surprised him,” Evans said with a laugh.




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